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Stursberg vs World, Part One

Every time we invite John Doyle into the building to preview our fine TV programming and enjoy some dead things on sticks he manages to write a column that makes us look like losers. Here’s pt 1 of the latest.

The applause is deafening

If you’re familiar with the tactics of CBC Communications you know that a full page ad in the Globe and Mail is considered by them to be the pinnacle of interaction and indicative of a job well done. Usually it also signifies desperation. So I was surprised to see a full-pager in the Globe this […]

Like it or not, the workplace hazard prevention test is mandatory

But this should make it easier.(or this)

The Lynne Russell Show


Watch The Trojan Horse on Sunday with Joe Clark

Sunday at 9pm ET Joe Clark will be liveblogging the CBC-TV premiere of The Trojan Horse over here. This means he watches TV and types, and you watch TV and read. The Trojan Horse has been called rich and entertaining by the Ottawa Citizen. Joe has been called rich in iron, and also entertaining, by […]

Hey CBC employee. Don’t cancel jPod.

CBCers browsing Facebook strictly on their own personal time yesterday may have been surprised when confronted with this advertisement narrowcasted directly to them. Brought to you by No word on whether the target demographic for the ad, Richard Stursberg, has a Facebook account, and if so, how many people he has “poked.” Thanks, iNudes.

CBC to dismantle 70-year-old radio orchestra

I have rarely read an uglier article in the Globe and Mail than this one. The CBC gets blamed. CBC executives get blamed. Toronto gets blamed. Banjo players get blamed. CBC spokespeople squirm and look like weasels. Ian Morrison tops it off by calling the Conservative government “philistines.” The comments get worse.Not for the weak […]

Pitching to the CBC

From That Mitchell and Webb Look, but some people find it eerily familiar.

Q needs an Executive Producer

Job Description: A world of possibilites.

The Tale of the Torrent

Guinevere Orvis writes about getting an old tyme media corporation to move in ways it’s not used to. “I expect it would take a pretty big fight to get shows shared that are co-owned by multiple companies or which have extensive licensing contracts, like NHL games. There needs to be a fundamental shift in thinking […]

Cherry movie in the works

The Toronto Star: “After the head CBC guy read the story, he said, ‘Gee, your Dad doesn’t look very good here,’ ” the elder Cherry recalls. “Tim said, ‘I hate to say it, but that’s the way it is.’”

Welcome back to Oi!

Shalom, Alphonse!by Oi! staffWe notice that you haven’t logged in for 4 days. Is everything all right? Should EAP be notified of an impending breakdown?What’s that? Easter Monday, you say? Good Friday?Our records show that you are Jewish and do not believe Jesus Christ is the messiah. Thus you were not eligible to take Monday […]

Did Stursberg sink Intelligence to please Stephen Harper?

The Star speculates on the cancellation of Intelligence: “As one theory had it, new CBC brass under Richard Stursberg, head of English-language operations, was worried enough about the spectre of privatization under the federal Conservatives without making it worse with a show about one of Ottawa’s most secret operations: the sale of Canadian water.” Where […]

Bold TV to replace Country Canada

Bold TV’s “unconventional drama, exclusive performing arts and audacious comedy” will replace Country Canada’s er .. whatever is on Country Canada.

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