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Keith Bilous

“Behind the anonymity of commenting, people hate others. It is disgusting.” – Keith Bilous on moderating comments at CBC.ca via Mondoville

CBC.ca and National Post join to create Olympics website

When you hear the words “jam-packed” and “co-branded” in a press release describing a website, first thing you smell is the panicky fear. The second is the javascript errors.

Yes, the CBC paid for and posted this piece of crap

Yes, the CBC paid for and posted this piece of crap

Confessions of a Santa: (clip 4) “Mrs. Claus, not only my wife but she’s also a witch. Yeah, I didn’t believe it until I saw her give birth to a fucking reindeer. Scared the shit out of me.” (that’s the entire clip) The CBC calls it a HOLIDAY VIDEO, part of the cheery web page […]

User-generated content strikes again

User-generated content strikes again

Experts warn that in the future, the line between journalism and high-larious Photoshop contest will become more increasingly blurred. That future is now.

Yes, Interwoven can do that (for an extra $2mil)

The senior architect of front-end development at CBC.ca, frustrated with 3rd party software sales pitch bullshit, writes a web app for all your burning questions.

CBC reporter thinks he’s part of the story

CBC reporter thinks he's part of the story

Huh??? That is one strange headline from James Cudmore. Do you hate your job so much, Jim, that its become personal? Who elected you? What difference do you make to the running of Canada or the Afghanistan mission? Not even a real journalist like Bob Woodward would have the nerve to write a headline like […]

Either we suck, or this list sucks

The Canadian New Media Awards finalists were announced, and it’s a lot of websites no one uses, made by innovators that are spent out and sputtering for ideas. When K-os wins “Best Online Artist of the Year,” in 2009, it begs the question: “Does anyone else have any other ideas? Hello?” “Anyone?”

Consultants overlooked informing CBC.CA

Consultants overlooked informing CBC.CA

Somebody tell the Web nerds that Newsworld no longer exists

Go generate your own damn content

What is wrong with you people? Can’t you see we need your Thanksgiving recipes?

Innovation lives here: CBC centres Web site on page

Innovation lives here: CBC centres Web site on page

New CBCR3 site: Work of genius? Not quite

Audience engagement on CBC.ca circa 2004

Hey Gang, we’ve got a great discussion going on here. What will help even more is if we unearth some history. This document is from 2004. What have you guys got to share? CBC.ca Audience Input 2004 Publish at Scribd or explore others: Presentations & Slid CBC

jPod more popular than Coronation Street? Say it ain’t so.

Oh, it be so.At least according to the top searches listed on the CBC.ca home page.No mean feat when you consider the fact that Coronation fans are probably flooding the site wondering why the show isn’t on TV. The answer? Hockey playoffs, #4 on the list. “Curling” is only #2, with similarly rabid fans wondering […]

CBC.ca unblocked in China?

I’m hearing rumours that CBC.ca is unblocked in China. Can anyone out there confirm or deny?

Download the CBC

Tessa Sproule explains how she was inspired by the Norweigans to push for the BitTorrenting of Canada’s Next Great PM. Guinevere Orvis says the point is for the “show to be as accessible as possible, to as many Canadians as possible, in the format that they want it in.”Can someone give these 2 a raise? […]