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CBC Employee of the Week

During commercial break at the finale of the Battle of the Blades, Kurt Browning skates with unnamed audience coordinator.


Free Battle of the Gay Blades tix. Via Craigslist, which of course makes things so much more reassuring

‘[T]he first originally Canadian reality show’

Battle of the Gay Blades “is the first originally Canadian reality show. Battle of the [Gay] Blades may even be the first truly original Canadian TV show”


The dudes on Battle of the Blades all looked embarrassed. They should be

‘Blades’ tapes Grapes japes

Don Cherry to judge Battle of the Blades


Battle of CBC News at Six?


Less-than-truthful billboard for Battle of the Blades

Not the expected sense of ‘fierce’

Battle of the Blades continues not to know what it’s doing or who its audience is

Harold Ballard to spin in grave

Blades does Maple Leaf Gardens

Apparently-less-important ‘Blades’ cast announced

Battle of the Blades finally hires some females

Dem smokin’-hot ‘Blades’ photos

So where are these “smokin’-hot” photos from Battle of the Blades?

‘Too many CBC Twitter accounts’

‘Too many CBC Twitter accounts’

“We had a Facebook page with 400 plus followers, there was zero content on the page,” she wrote in an email “And we said ‘come on,’ what a missed opportunity.”

This just in: Tie Domi to figure-skate

Nobody else on the straight-guy axis of Battle of the Blades is of even remote interest. But they’re still the stars of the show, since their names have been announced while their figure-skatrix partners remain unconfirmed. Does CBC really think hockey dudes are the audience for this show?


NOW WITH SOLUTION For a fun diversion as we head into a long, hot summer of pogey, “blockbuster” Hollywood movies, and high-UV-index Saturdays pretending to give a shit about Toronto FC, take the Tea Makers’ fun new KanKonKwiz™! (First in a series!) Can you spot the distinctive, legal-mandate-conformant CBC Television series hidden in plain sight […]

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