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John Doyle answers your questions

1:21 [Comment From Allan:] Richard Stursberg calls all the negative reviews “pathetic”. He says that people like Rick Salutin are just writing what CTV wants people to believe and that they just want the CBC to fail. That’s all true isn’t it? 1:24 John Doyle: Allan – I’m disappointed that CBC brass has reacted to […]

Charles Manson, The Monkees, and Allan

It all starts to make sense.

Test the Nation: the holding pen

Jan 21/08 9:28am addendum:Photos by Allan.Read his full report.

Bloggers on Test the Nation

When the nice people at Test the Nation asked me to be on the “blogger” team for the 21st century trivia edition, I was flattered. But I’m not crazy. Instead I suggested 3 others: Joe Clark, Raymi, and regular Tea Makers contributor Allan. Tell me that team wouldn’t kick some major ass? Especially in the […]

Jian on George and Jian

From Naked Eye magazine, photographed and transcribed from the newsstand by Allan.Enjoy.~OJian: George you have changed the face of the CBC. You’ve never backed down and you’ve never stopped believing in what you could do! You never started dressing in a suit and talking differently. Basically you’ve proven people wrong. You’ve gone from “where does […]


Sent to me by the irreplacable Allan. The animated version is here.

Lazy broadcasters’ book club

Allan is reading Knowlton Nash’s Trivia Pursuit, which is out of print but available through Amazon resellers for $0.01. A good deal for you, although I don’t think Knowlton will be seeing any royalties from that sale. Paul is reading signs in the TBC, midway into a week-long series of a sign-a-day blog postings. Where […]

Allan: Premature Adjudication and The Tao of Tod

Submitted for your pleasure by Allan.Enjoy.~O Despite the heavy title, this is in no way intended to compete with Harry Potter.Knowlton Nash has always been the best newsman I’ve ever encountered, so smart and decent, but I never thought of him as having a sense of humour.Yet there it was on page 11 of his […]

Allan takes it to the street

Allan likes to walk around Toronto and take pictures.Here are some from yesterday.Enjoy.~O

Allan: End of Sam

I live in Toronto. Allan lives in Toronto. There’s no denying it.So maybe we should write about it sometimes?Enjoy.~O It was exactly forty years ago that I worked at Sam The Record Man, after hitchhiking from Vancouver to Toronto.Just passing through, so Sam asked for a reference and I got one for him from a […]

Antonia Is Fat

Blame Allan.~O No one word is more of a dagger through the heart of a woman than the word “fat”. Also right up there is “pig” and “slut”. Guys learn this at an early age, and the married ones stay married by quickly explaining they meant “phat” as Snoop Dog would once have said.(phew, that […]

Allan: George, Lies and Videotape

Sent to me by our friend Allan.Enjoy.~O Regrettably, The Hour hasn’t gone away, but rather into re-runs for the summer.After all, why risk putting something else on that people might like even more, say, Douglas Coupland making moosehead soup.Especially when The Hour has become so “successful”, and anything else would be a needless expense. From […]

Happy Pride!

From Ouimet:And Allan:

Allan: Solutions "R" Us

Allan sends me his comments on yesterday’s National Post story “Saving CBC with yellow stickies.”Enjoy.~O Bullshit artists can often be quite brilliant.Take Mark Shekter.He’s a “television consultant”, and he knows something you don’t.And neither does the CBC, apparently, and they’re prepared to pay big bucks for new ideas to stay in business.Isn’t being a manager […]

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