Monthly Archives: November 2006

Incubating my CBC

Today on channel 82 the new vision for CBC News was announced. They’re calling it My CBC. It’s a return to the regions, an end to Canada Now, a more integrated newsroom, with some Web 2.0 stuff thrown in. Now, change can be stressful but I was surprised by the hostility coming out of Vancouver […]

More Gravol, less adrenaline

Only Tuesday and there’s a lot to read, most of it from the President himself. Summing up his CRTC appearance Monday, he started off an internal memo: The focal point of our appearance was the two issues that CBC/Radio-Canada deems key to the future health of conventional television: the weakening business model, and the transition […]

George in the Dragons’ Den

Nov 30 8pm addendumI’ve been informed that his clip was the 96th most viewed on YouTube yesterday.

The Bill Clinton Show

I don’t truck in rumours that much anymore, for a lot of reasons. But some get a little too loud to ignore. Everyone is talking about how there’s a good chance that Bill Clinton will be one of the judges for the CBC’s new “Who wants to be a PM” show. The key to the […]

Design by politics

Why isn’t the homepage very good? I mean, it just doesn’t “work.” If you’ve ever felt this, you aren’t alone. Truth be told, focus groups have also ripped it to shreds. Alice isn’t too happy with it either. And when the site crapped out not long ago and a makeshift page was put in […]

Right back at ya, Nancy!

Boring administrative notes

Some people have told me that they sent me emails which I never responded to. The truth is that I answer all emails. I brought the problem up with Microsoft and after some checking they tell me it’s you, not me. So if I never responded to you, please resend to, especially you, PM […]

Vidcap of the week

Nothing says "food show" like Carlo Rota’s hairy gut

Where’s Colleen?

I realize that Colleen Jones is popular, but I’ve always found her incongruous. It just strikes me as odd that with an anchor in the studio, the show still throws to a woman in different outfits in different locations every morning, to ask her the time and to have her deliver … the sports!?!? Rather […]

Sirius: should we be worried?

I was pretty excited when the CBC-Sirius deal was announced in Dec 2003. All my radio-loving American friends were praising the ad-free, excellent music on satellite radio, and no one seemed to care about the subscriber fees. Rabinovitch said: By expanding the choices available to Canadians, this new service will enable the national public broadcaster […]

Red? It must be Monday

Crunching numbers and egos

First, let’s get this obvious gaffe out of the way, although I wish we were talking about CBS. Second, I’d be more amenable to the term “pubcaster” if an actual pub were involved more often. Third, “auds?” Has Variety invented its own version of the English language? Not much to see here. Just another article […]

Strombo’s underwear

So, y’know, George is doin’ his show, talkin’ about Borat and foolin’ around with his shirt, not once:But twice.Did someone lay off the wardrobe department neglect to tell us?

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