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Colby Cosh

Kirstine Stewart, the general manager of CBC’s English television operations, reacted in the Globe to Blackett’s comments by saying “Nobody can ever question the quality of what we do here in Canada, creatively or otherwise.” Surely this is a much more revealing and intriguing comment than Blackett’s. Does she mean that questioning the quality of […]

Kirstine Stewart

“We can’t pay them the same money but there’s a freedom of expression here they might not get in the States.” – Kirstine Stewart’s sales pitch to Canadian writers living in L.A.

Kirstine Stewart

“So here is where it is true and it is wrong at the same time happens. Yes the numbers are up. Six CBC shows have over 1 million viewers (one of which is Jeopardy). Thank you PPMs. It is also true that the corp doesn’t have a single show in the top 20 in Canada… […]

They think they’re entitled

In the arena of 21st century popular culture, you can get away with illegally invading sovereign nations to steal their oil and opium, even if you murder tens of thousands of innocents along the way. But when prominent public meat puppets from Adam Giambrone to Tiger Woods cynically pounce on any and every young thing […]

She’s All That

She's All That

Canadian Women in Communications 2010 Woman of the Year Kirstine Stewart “… one of the brightest stars in Canada’s televison industry. Since joining the CBC in 2006 as general manager of CBC English Television, she has revitalized ratings and generated new revenue streams. As the network’s chief creative officer, she has overseen the launch of […]

Kirstine Stewart’s Marketing Plan, Phase 2

(from the great new show “18 To Life“, with a cast of characters you wish you lived with – funny, fast, sweet, smart – loved it)

Dan Rather?

Dan Rather?

Which TV executive would you prefer decided if your show stayed on the air or not?

Kirstine Stewart

Kirstine Stewart: ‘You own us’

Kirstine ‘Stewart’ dismisses any increase in Parliamentary budget allocation

Kirstine Layfield Stewart: “I think [Canadians would] rather see us work for that money as opposed to them paying it out of taxes”

Baseless speculation from – who else? – Friends

Friends of Canadian Broadcasting will not quite back up its claim that the CBC is planning to run an American (“non-Canadian”) show at 10:00

If I Were George Stroumboulopoulos, I’d Be Banging Kirstine Layfield

A satirical tale

Shorter Kirstine Layfield

The BBC, the CBC, and the Privates are all pretty much the same. This fails to explain why CBC Television looks so much like the Life Network.

Layfield Bonus Based On Being Exceedingly Cute?

My dear friend Hubert, What are the goals for each of the 80 executive positions, that when surpassed would merit a bonus? What could Stursberg do that would merit a 20% bonus? What would someone in the I.T. Division get a bonus for doing? Will Denise Donlon get a bonus if listenership rises above that […]

Kirstine Layfield: ‘Don’t take my picture’

A guest post by… Allan! (Yes.) Dear Pen Pal, I took your advice and stopped watching The Hour.It was really irritating me and now I feel much better. This weekend the Foo Fighters and Oasis will pass through where I work. Do you think I should try and get an interview with them?Hey, maybe I […]