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A love letter from George

Strombo wolf hat

Finally, it arrived.  Although, I think it was just bulk mail he sent to every admirer.  Somehow, his light heartedness seems fake and forced.  Here is the love letter. George drops such literary gems as “fer real”, “doper” and signing off with “Piece”.  He really knows the way to my heart. If I may… From […]

what George isn’t doing

He’s not on TV or radio talking or being seen with ordinary Canadians. He’s not part of creating a new independent FM. He’s not producing any documentaries or even fun shows. He’s not taking us anywhere. He’s not being funny, ever. He’s not writing a blog or his own lines on The Hour. He’s unable […]

Several Degrees of Separation

Several Degrees of Separation

Burton Cummings has a long ways to go to catch up to George Stroumboulopoulos. But neither are anywhere near high school drop-out, now Chancellor, Peter Mansbridge. For all three, school’s out … FOREVER!

Silence of the Lambs: Mercer, Stroumboulopoulos, Ghomeshi

Silence of the Lambs: Mercer, Stroumboulopoulos, Ghomeshi

Strangely quiet

George Stroumboulopoulos interviews Joe Strummer

Strombo in America

Strombo in America

“Breakfast in NoLa. Then back on the bikes to visit the oil spill. Then on to Austin, Tx. “ Photos | Map via Mondoville and Johnny Happypants

Can Sun TV News possibly compete with this?

Who will step up to ask the probing questions of Members of Parliament the way Evan Solomon does? Who will “connect” and get to the bottom of things as effectively as Mark Kelly? And what of the “rebel” who was going to save the CBC? This played on both Newsworld and the national over-the-air network. […]

A Rumour About Strombo, and yes, it’s dumb

A Rumour About Strombo, and yes, it's dumb

Strombo going to mornings on FAN 590?

Executive Producer, The Hour – TOR02519

Take pride in what you do – and where you work. CBC/Radio Canada is Canada’s national public broadcaster and one of its largest cultural institutions.. CBC/Radio-Canada brings diverse regional and cultural perspectives into the daily lives of Canadians in English, French and eight aboriginal languages. ***Please note this is a contract position*** THE HOUR – […]

During your interviews, George, do you ever get a Stromboner?

PoonGirl has it in her head to interview Stroumbo. I don’t know what she wants to ask him, but I’m sure the result would be interesting. I also don’t think it’s likely to happen. Although there are dozens of interviews with George strewn across YouTube, every one of them have something in common. George’s butt […]

West coast “journalism teacher” succumbs to Strombomania

Emily Laing

From Susan Gittins’ Flickr stream.

Matt the Haaple

Matt the Haaple referring to notorious FaceBook squatter Tod Maffin in You’ve been Strombo’ed! which has itself been Strombo’ed at the original author’s request.

the environment between George’s ears

the environment between George's ears

Sarah Westwood walks with George along the Seawall George is asked what next for the campaign “A Million Acts of Green”. He uses the term “we”, without clarifying that the campaign was created in conjunction with CISCO, who wanted to experiment with social network marketing, and chose the issue and provided resources and funding. That’s […]

You’ve been Strombo’ed!

It’s not your fault you’ve been Strombo’ed.

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