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The post-Burman CBC

The Ryerson Review of Journalism is writing about the CBC again. This time in a bit called: “Beyond Repair.” It covers familiar ground, particularly for longterm Tea Makers readers. In fact, it’s hard to believe that anyone besides a Tea Makers reader would want to glance at this thing. Magid’s role is downplayed. Ian Morrison […]

Why we leak

Why we leak

I want to take a minute to talk about some ‘dispiriting’ survey results that were leaked last night. First off I take full responsibility for the leak, as I was the one who did the leaking. Or rather, someone gave them to me, and I put them online. Why did I do it? Quite frankly, […]

The renewal of CBCNews.ca and scurrilous flutter on Twitter

Yesterday we launched the renewal of CBCNews.ca with a series of discussions with staff across the country. There was genuine excitement about the direction, which is about better serving our audiences. There were also constructive questions expressing a need for more detail, and expressing fear and some concerns about change. The questions were totally appropriate […]

In her own words: McGuire on CBCNN

Transcript of interview with Jennifer McGuire

An open letter to the President from concerned CBC staff

Open letter to Hubie about Stursberg and Linder


CBC News must cut $7 million in costs AND (?) eliminate more than 70 positions. “Canadians will be better served by these changes and will continue to receive their news with both the depth and context they demand.”~ Jennifer McGuire, interim head of news

Unveiling of CBC News Renewal Project

From: Jennifer McGuire It’s time to unveil the work we’ve been doing around the CBC News Renewal project. Join us on Wednesday at 2 p.m. ET for a look at the work that has been done so far. It’s the beginning of a process that will involve many of you in the months to come. […]

Exit Interview?

This afternoon, CBC announced the resignation of CBC News publisher John Cruickshank. The former publisher of the Chicago Sun Times and chief operating officer of Sun Times Media Group joined CBC News in September of 2007. He leaves to accept the position of publisher of The Toronto Star, the country’s largest newspaper. Jennifer McGuire named […]

Welcome to Oi!

Welcome to Oi! Your CBC employee portal!by Oi! staffIf you’ve made it this far, it means you’ve clicked past the CBC policy warning that welcomes you every day, you’ve logged in to Novell, Groupwise, and Oi itself so we know without a doubt who you are, exactly what you’re doing at all times, and what […]

All your media are belong to Stursberg

Today it was announced that Richard Stursberg has been made King of All Media in the CBC. As a structural change, it makes a lot of sense. There are efficiencies to be had. In the future, these 3 media lines will be more converged anyways. We’re seeing it already. And while they say that “there […]