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Fake Ouimet drubbing is reblogged with extreme prejudice

What began as a routine exercise in listing the idiots in the publishing industry who have failed to recognize his greatness went horribly wrong when bloggers got ahold of it and beat him mercilessly. I supposed you should expect them to get a little short-fused and snippy when your project is titled “The Cranky Copyright […]


“Live like a prick, die when pricked.” – Pinky, That’s Pröféssör Fake Ouimet, to you

That’s Pröféssör Fake Ouimet, to you

Fake Ouimet is turned down for a job teaching journalism at Ryerson, presumably for “not going to the right parties,” despite being able to “do the job better than anybody in town.” Also, children love him.

Under new management

Hi, I’m Joe Clark. I’ll be your Fake Ouimet for today and the foreseeable future. The real Alphonse Ouimet, who really is one or more real persons not really named Alphonse Ouimet, really is on hiatus. But as of today, this blog isn’t. We still need the Tea Makers because there is still shit going […]

Watch The Trojan Horse on Sunday with Joe Clark again

Same place and time.

Captioning sucks

No shit, Sherlock! Now let’s fix it!

Watch The Trojan Horse on Sunday with Joe Clark

Sunday at 9pm ET Joe Clark will be liveblogging the CBC-TV premiere of The Trojan Horse over here. This means he watches TV and types, and you watch TV and read. The Trojan Horse has been called rich and entertaining by the Ottawa Citizen. Joe has been called rich in iron, and also entertaining, by […]

CBC captioning falls short

Joe Clark released the results of a three-year study on captioning at the CBC today. We should be leading on this. We brag about how we are in leading in this. But we are, unfortunately, failing. Even given some leeway for typos and whatnot, the captioning gets screwed up every 12 days, according to Joe. […]

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