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It’s Christmas somewhere

It's Christmas somewhere

Twas’ the week before Christmas, when all through the Corpse Not a studio was stirring, not even Tech Stores. No decorations were hung, does anyone care? VP Rich got his bonus, its best not to glare.

Ghost of $treet ¢ents Past

“That shit is truly fit for the Pit!” – Ghost of $treet ¢ents Past in Yes, the CBC paid for and posted this piece of crap

Yes, the CBC paid for and posted this piece of crap

Yes, the CBC paid for and posted this piece of crap

Confessions of a Santa: (clip 4) “Mrs. Claus, not only my wife but she’s also a witch. Yeah, I didn’t believe it until I saw her give birth to a fucking reindeer. Scared the shit out of me.” (that’s the entire clip) The CBC calls it a HOLIDAY VIDEO, part of the cheery web page […]

it’s that time again …

it's that time again ...

You can go here and ELF YOURSELF! (You’ll need a good internet connection … and probably be the only person in the world accessing these pages …) SINGING! DANCING!

Merry Recycled Christmas

With a hiring freeze on non-essential senior managers and the chilly no-party zone that is the CBC this Christmas season, it might warm you up to look back on a time when holiday-themed promotional animated gifs flowed like unused drink tickets in the Atrium. In these frugal times recycling old sentiments seems not just natural, […]

A Christmas Casual

It’s the time of year that even atheists like me feel spiritual and look to the winter solstice as a time of hope and renewal. A cynical old news hound like myself doesn’t really believe there are seers or if there are, you climb a mountain to find one, or go deep into a cave […]

Fear of a Black Broadcaster

Last week was “Spring Cleanup Week” in the TBC. The Real Estate department encouraged us to organize office cleaning parties and advised us that cleaning staff were on hand. We could call them if we wanted them to vacuum. Now, a CBCer in her natural habitat is a filthy sight, but there’s no reason for […]

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