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John Doyle

Yet if a CBC program is being murdered in the ratings by a new U.S. hit, nobody wins. Not CBC. Not the writers, actors, directors and others involved. In fact, if CBC programs meant to appeal to the widest possible audience should fail, CBC is in an even more precarious position than it is now. […]

John Doyle

“As much as some people loathe the CBC, CBC bosses hate us more” ~ possibly written by John Doyle in Five things we learned from TV this year

Amanda Lang

“Definition of a mixed blessing: a compliment from John Doyle.” – Amanda Lang on Twitter

Penguins aren’t people, John Doyle

Of the 10 most endearing people in the lonely life of an epistle spewing TV critic, the under-rated Amanda Lang and the over-rated Claire Martin.

Sometimes we really, really feel sorry for John Doyle

Sometimes we really, really feel sorry for John Doyle

Doyle objects to to the disrespect Stursberg shows toward the CBC’s stakeholders, and finds a lot directed at himself.

John Doyle answers your questions

1:21 [Comment From Allan:] Richard Stursberg calls all the negative reviews “pathetic”. He says that people like Rick Salutin are just writing what CTV wants people to believe and that they just want the CBC to fail. That’s all true isn’t it? 1:24 John Doyle: Allan – I’m disappointed that CBC brass has reacted to […]

I sometimes feel sorry for John Doyle

Why won’t John Doyle disclose where he gets his “leaked” open letters to CBC management?

There. I said it

What is Being Erica?

John Doyle

Me, I used to like Erica, but I really don’t give a rodent’s posterior about Dr. Tom. What’s happened now is that Erica’s singleton life and obsessions are not exactly compelling. And Dr. Tom is a drip. – John Doyle reviews the Being Erica season premiere


NOW WITH SOLUTION For a fun diversion as we head into a long, hot summer of pogey, “blockbuster” Hollywood movies, and high-UV-index Saturdays pretending to give a shit about Toronto FC, take the Tea Makers’ fun new KanKonKwiz™! (First in a series!) Can you spot the distinctive, legal-mandate-conformant CBC Television series hidden in plain sight […]

Not ‘Republic of jDoyle’

Corpse greenlights Newfoundland (“and Labrador”) private-dick series Republic of Doyle, but nobody wants to talk about it. Also greenlit, this report in the Globe and Mail states implies: 18 to Life, The B Team, Throwing Stones, “and Abroad, a TV movie based on the experiences of Globe and Mail columnist Leah McLaren.” But of those, […]

The Confusing Clarity of John Doyle

The CBC is not entitled.The CBC is entitled.The CBC is a vital public broadcaster.The CBC has gone Hollywood. And that settles that.

Captioning for jDoyle! Stat!

CBC sends jDoyle a Week the Women Went screener MOS.

jDoyle upChuck

jDoyle: Wild Roses is by, for and about women. Oh, there are men in it and some if them even speak and do stuff, but it’s all about women. It’s a sort of Sex and the City of Calgary.… It’s another CBC show aimed at drawing female viewers. And it’s another CBC show aimed at […]

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