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Must be something in the air. They’re right. Times change. I’ve changed. You’ve changed. We’ve changed. I never thought this blog would last 3 days. I’ve been going on nearly 3 years. I’ve decided to take a break from this site. I’m not sure when I’ll be back. It might be a while. I want […]

Radio 2 ruckus

Scrolling eye reports from the scene, Cosmo Canuck has photos from Vancouver and The Collaborative Piano blog has videos of ruckus raisers as well as Russell Smith.

jPod more popular than Coronation Street? Say it ain’t so.

Oh, it be so.At least according to the top searches listed on the home page.No mean feat when you consider the fact that Coronation fans are probably flooding the site wondering why the show isn’t on TV. The answer? Hockey playoffs, #4 on the list. “Curling” is only #2, with similarly rabid fans wondering […]

Bitchy comment of the week

Monica Pacheco commented on CBC buys 2 new Canadian dramas: “I would like to know who exactly is supposed to get “excited” about these shows… Senior citizens in Saskatoon perhaps? Really, even seniors have better things to do, like take naps.” unblocked in China?

I’m hearing rumours that is unblocked in China. Can anyone out there confirm or deny?

Prepare the pepper spray

For Friday. These sons of bitches are hardcore.

Toronto radio ratings

Scrolling eye takes a good look at BBM ratings, what they mean, and what’s wrong with them.

Note to classical music fans: Get over yourselves

Doyle takes aim at Radio 2 Facebookers in today’s Globe: “The online discussion makes for interesting reading. The disdain for Canadian pop, rock and country music is crystal clear. It seems that a potential reduction of the cozy comfort zone that Radio 2 provides is making some people so mad they could just spit at […]

Farewell Air Farce

Bill Brioux went to the season finale on Friday and took pictures.

jPod in a coma

First, jPod fans had to live with the frustration of figure skating pre-empting episode 11 on March 21st. When they settled in to watch the show on the 28th, it went straight into episode 12, episode 11 seemingly lost forever. Episode 13, the grand finale, aired April 4th and is leaving many fans confused and […]

…and don’t forget Norman Bethune

Today President Hubert asked China’s ambassador to Canada to unblock and, which it has been doing for several months at least. This is a pretty bold move by the president and I applaud him for it. I also wonder how far he’s willing to take this. Would he sacrifice our Olympic broadcasts to […]

Watch The Trojan Horse on Sunday with Joe Clark again

Same place and time.

Taping Test the Nation

Spoiler alert! It’s not live anymore.Tour guidesAlan Thicke, Deb DiGiovanni & Paul CoffeyCheerleaders & mascotsEmanuel Sandhu, Jully Black & Tommy ChongA streakerPhotos by Superflash.© All rights reserved

Nonsensical comment of the week

SOUTHEASTERN GUY wrote: “Sorry CBC brass I dont listen to CBC Radio 2, I dont know what it is and feel the CBC brass has their heads in the sand, if they didn,t have such high salaries and had nothing else than to shut down such pleasurable moments , maybe we could have it back […]

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