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Bazay on blogging

I was going to write David Bazay an email today. You can imagine my surprise when I found out he was dead. I wrote him last week with a few questions about the legal and ethical ramifications of CBC employees blogging about the CBC. He answered me a few days later, and I was struck […]

About this web site

My last 2 months of being locked in at the CBC have been surreal, to say the least. Part of it was my own fault for starting this blog, at times the only thing keeping me sane, and at times a booster shot of paranoia, fear, and doubt. But I wouldn’t have had it any […]


The ratification voting has started, and while there are some who think the deal is not much of a victory at all, in general both sides seem elated with it. So the smart money is on it passing. In that case, here are some things you should know: 1) Everyone is happy to have you […]

CMG doesn’t care about blogging people

I guess it’s great to have em around when you need em. Pat em on the head, and reprint what they write ad infinitum. Sic em on management and the company they work for, and marvel at their passion. Let em do a bit of your dirty work and legwork. Under their real names. Also […]

A proposal to restructure the CBC

This was sent to me by a longtime CBC viewer who calls himself “An Independent Conservative From Calgary.” He sent a first draft of this to Stephen Harper, and I post his second draft here for your perusal, with the author’s permission. ~O There are many Canadians who are aware of the variety of entertainment […]

No future

One of the disadvantages of being in the eye of the maelstrom was that I hardly had time to read my own blog, let alone others. So I took the time to go through every one on Tod’s list to see what was up. To my surprise, I discovered Curious Monkey was back. Back in […]

Memorandum of agreement

Guy Dixon writes in the G&M: “With CBC staff and particularly the community of lockout-related Internet blogs on edge last night, the guild announced that the two sides had signed a memorandum of agreement…” On edge? Us? Was it that obvious? Congratulations, all. Wonderful news on an early Monday morning.

from Ouimet’s mailbag

This was sent to me by someone who wants to remain anonymous. I post it here with the author’s permission. ~O Dear Tea Maker: One day many moons ago, I sat in the basement cafeteria of CBC Radio’s then HQ on Jarvis St. in Toronto, meditating on a freelance item I was producing. At the […]

Non-picketing pricks

I know I probably shouldn’t take this personally. But just because I’m a manager doesn’t mean I don’t have feelings, too. I mean, if I were carried out of here on a stretcher, would this woman cheer? For what it’s worth, the mood inside these days is one of low-grade, weary optimism. There is some […]

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