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CTV at the Oltmpics: “Drop Your Gear”

The look on the anchors’ faces after the MuchMusic contribution is priceless.

CBC News Network not even trying at historic national moment

CBC News Network not even trying at historic national moment

As the country went wild with jubilation, CBC News had nothing. Not even the smallest effort to be part of the excitement. A giant expensive broadcasting facility in Vancouver sat idle. No man-in-the-street interviews, no commentary, nothing LIVE from Vancouver or anywhere. In fact it seemed as if the CBC went out of its way […]

broadcasting is a series of tubes

broadcasting is a series of tubes

“A spokesperson for CBC-TV has acknowledged to The Canadian Press that an error caused CBC News Network to broadcast about 45 minutes of Olympic footage. “It was a technical issue,” CBC spokesperson Chris Ball said in a telephone interview. CTV and Rogers Media paid US$93 million for the rights to broadcast the Vancouver Games. “Our […]

CBC.ca and National Post join to create Olympics website

When you hear the words “jam-packed” and “co-branded” in a press release describing a website, first thing you smell is the panicky fear. The second is the javascript errors.


“You’re on notice, Olympic Torch. If I wanted to see a bunch of dudes following a flame I’d just tag along with Mercer’s entourage.” – petermansbridg via Twitter

Trippin with Hubert

Ladies and Gentlemen, It’s always a pleasure to come out to beautiful Vancouver. I’m a drug user and, amongst all of the great things your city has to offer, I must tell you that you have one of the best cities in the country in which to get high. But I did not come to […]

CTV ‘journalists’ to carry Olympic flame. And guess who else?

“[O]n-air people from Global and CBC” to carry Olympic torch

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