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“The management shill who wrote this self-serving tripe should get his or her fat butt out of a chair and go talk to people around the CBC. Morale is the worst it’s been in decades. It will not improve as long as we are led by the vandals now in charge.” – Marky2050 on Paul […]



His own blog is boring and attracts no readers whatsoever. He misses the good old days of having thousands of people, though only a few, reading all about him and the CBC when he had control of the “Official Blog” insidecbc.com. But he blew that when he had it, proving himself to be a petty, […]

Paul McGrath

It makes me wonder why making changes to a broadcast schedule evokes such an overwhelming reaction. I don’t mean to dismiss it, I simply think it’s puzzling, I don’t get it. It seems so disporportionate to what’s happened. Maybe you have an explanation? – Paul McGrath gives up on blogging altogether

Paul McGrath

“Listen, you write a blog. I write a blog. I’m not envious or jealous or your blog, in fact I don’t care about your blog, how about you not care about mine.” – Official CBC blogger Paul Mcgrath responds to criticism

Maffin spawns offspring

Bob McDonald should “fix [his] F*#*ing teeth”

Inside the CBC hacked 4 days ago, no one gives toss

Upgrade your damned WordPress, Inside the CBC

Paul Mcgrath

“debating the pros and cons of newsroom integration is a grueling exercise”

A cautionary tale about social media, as told on social media

If you’re going to solicit feedback on a contentious issue, you have to be prepared for the fact that you can’t expect what you’re going to get. Don’t try to bamboozle your audience or someone will surely call you on it and you’ll have to admit that no one is reading anyways.

The Ghost of Tod Maffin

As if a crypt had been opened, CBC’s “official” blog Inside The CBC has risen to life once more, and, so far, a pale imitation of the original.Tod Maffin awkwardly denies that it’s him. (Just someone using his password)Could he have known that something was up, when in February he wrote … The CBC has […]

Inside the CBC

Tonight the CBC gets serious about sanctioned corporate blogging by launching inside the CBC, a news/gossip/hype blog. But it’s not written by a committee or by a communications flunkie. It’s written by lockout blogger, podcast visionary, dot-com millionaire, high school dropout, CBC freelancer, and CMG member Tod Maffin. They’ve given him free reign to write […]

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