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Lynne Russell’s favorite car, least favorite job

Lynne Russell’s favorite car, least favorite job

CNN broadcaster Lynne Russell is profiled in Globe Auto today

Is The CBC Leftist?

Lynne Russell may well be the Emma Peel of integrity and discipline when it comes to electronic news gathering.But that doesn’t mean we will always agree with her. The example Lynne gives here is not a clear indication that the CBC is “Leftist”.The decision that was made which she complains about, could easily be attributed […]

Lynne Russell: Newsworld de-Americanized

Lynne Russell reveals she was shitcanned for being American. At least she thinks so

The Lynne Russell Show


Lynne Russell Watch

She did her first fill-in Saturday at CFRB.Surely real estate pays better?

Is there anything Lynne Russell can’t do?

She has 2 black belts in Choi Kwang Do. She’s a a licensed detective. She makes lampshades. she wrote How to Win Friends, Kick Ass, and Influence People. Until recently, she read news on the CBC. That’s over. Now she’s a real estate agent.Good luck, Lynne. We’ll miss you.

Lynne Russell’s Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Are they doing the show from a submarine now?Bonus for Lynne Russell fans! Did you know that you can buy lampshades handsewn by the lady herself?