Monthly Archives: February 2008

The Story of Q

Joe Mahoney tells the kids at Ryerson what it’s like to work on a big-time radio show. “How many of you think the CBC is a bank?”

Should the Tea Makers accept paid sponsorship?

It may surprise you to learn that over the years I’ve had many offers to put advertising on my web site. It certainly surprised me. One of the top investment banks in the UK offered me a very lucrative deal in which they would be the prime sponsor for the Tea Makers. Had they even […]

A brand new day for the CBC

Justin Beach sums up the heritage committee’s recommendations nicely.

National Post: Avi Lewis joins Al Jazeera

I was wondering what became of him.

Guest blogger: On integration

Sent to me by sadforcbc. Enjoy. ~O Dear Hubert We were bummed to begin with. And yeah, it’s because of Dick. The integration meetings were a disaster. None of us cherish the sight of the Chief Correspondent publicly challenging the EVP. The fact he had to is bad. Real bad.So we were really bummed. None […]

Adventures in corporate partnering

Stage6 will shut down Feb 28. You’ve got a few days to download like hell. CBC partners with premier “multi-point social interactive entertainment company” Buzztime to pit drunken trivia masters against the mostly sober Canadians in Test the Nation, live from the Harbor Sports Grill, famous for their Pyramid of Chicken Balls.

Adventures in anonymous blogging

CNN blogger fired for blogging. Anonymous patent lawyer blogger “unmasks” himself after a $15,000 bounty was put on his head.

BREAKING NEWS: Meteorite headed straight for Maison Radio-Canada

Remember, it was here first! (well, actually it was here first. But I was second) Photo copyright © 2008 David Giral

Air Book for an Airhead?

I ran into George today, but I don’t think he was stalking me. Just a coincidence. And of course we talked about Tea Makers. And yes, he’s, eh, heard of it. It would be unfair to either of us to go into here and now, but we always have a nice little verbal tennis match […]

Earideas: podcasts for intellectuals

The best from around the world, handpicked by 2 radio fans.

Georgia Straight: At CBC Radio 3, podcasts reach global domination

We’re a world leader in podcasting, apparently.

What happened to Doug Grant?

And what does it mean for CBC Current Affairs? Hell, we built this country on Current Affairs. In World War II we took Canadian mothers to European battlefields where their sons lay dying. On the radio. From This Hour Has Seven Days to The Journal and all the way up to the still-bleeding, still-wheezing, but […]

Guest blogger: To Sir With Concern

Sent to me by Allan.Enjoy.~O Quite the coincidence yesterday with all the promotions and shuffling of news control at the CBC.And it spares you the trouble, Hubert, of responding to my earlier post. You need only point to the excellent coverage by Tod Maffin at insidecbc and say “there’s your answer. Something is being done.”But […]

Guest blogger: To Sir With Love

Sent by Allan.Enjoy~O Hubert,That’s with respect, sir, as I’m sure you’d want me to refer to you by first name since you allowed Jesse Brown to do so. And he’s like a nobody. A good writer though, sharp, and a lot of fun at NON-FICTION.So, anyway.I feel obligated to bring attention to a concomitant aspect […]