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Trouble in the HUB

Trouble in the HUB

So just what is the CBC News HUB? Well, one thing it is is a way for CBC News to allocate resources to journalists. Say you need an interview for a story you’re doing. You would submit your needs to the HUB and content would be doled to you in priority. Who knows, you might […]

If you haven’t lost your faith yet…

If you haven't lost your faith yet...

Our friends may not have lost hope, but everyone else around them has. Well at least many of us who have no stake in this shit and shake our heads at the money being spent. Who are we? We are workers, we are management, we are viewers, we are listeners, but mostly we are all […]

Droit de seigneur

In the Middle Ages, it is said that the lord of the manor had “Droit de seigneur” described by Wikipedia as a term now popularly used to describe an alleged legal right allowing the lord of an estate to take the virginity of the estate’s virgins. (Wikipedia now says scholars are disputing whether that right […]

Overload is a formula for failure

Everyone hates the overcluttered screen with too many banners and a rotating earth-except management and Magid and Magid just wants to take more of Richard’s money.Now a whole slew of studies show what everyone in the newsrooms know, the public hates it as well and the clutter is driving the audience away.Overload! Journalism’s battle for […]

Guest blogger: On integration

Sent to me by sadforcbc. Enjoy. ~O Dear Hubert We were bummed to begin with. And yeah, it’s because of Dick. The integration meetings were a disaster. None of us cherish the sight of the Chief Correspondent publicly challenging the EVP. The fact he had to is bad. Real bad.So we were really bummed. None […]

Guest blogger: To Sir With Concern

Sent to me by Allan.Enjoy.~O Quite the coincidence yesterday with all the promotions and shuffling of news control at the CBC.And it spares you the trouble, Hubert, of responding to my earlier post. You need only point to the excellent coverage by Tod Maffin at insidecbc and say “there’s your answer. Something is being done.”But […]

Guest blogger: We few, we happy few (perhaps)

Sent to me by “Michael Williams,” in response to President Hubert’s comment.Enjoy.~O Hubert You are reading Teamakers. That’s good. Don’t give up on Teamakers, sir. The quote from Bruce Cockburn is a great analogy, but let’s go to the Bard himself. In less than a month, you’ve already been like the young King in Henry […]

myCBC: The Shock Doctrine at the Public Broadcaster

Sent to me by an anonymous reader.Enjoy.~O SOFT TARGET Following the blowing up of Canada Now in February 2007, the CBC surged ahead on a bold new plan wrapped up in a package called myCBC. Newsrooms across the country would ramp back up to a full one-hour suppertime news program. They would introduce local presence […]

Guest blogger: Inside MyCBC Vancouver

Sent to me by an anonymous reader.Enjoy.~O I agree there are still major problems with CBC Television. Falling ad revenue is the biggest challenge. But I’d like to talk a bit about Vancouver because the bosses are gushing all sorts of praise on the new Vancouver experiment. Like others I’m confused by the name of […]


So they split Tony’s job into 2 and gave half of it to John Cruickshank of the Chicago Sun-Times. Did you notice they were going to call the position “Executive Director,” until this blog suggested Publisher? Doyle’s not the only one nicking ideas from Tea Makers. So what’s Cruickshank supposed to do with his half […]

Guest Blogger: CBC resuscitates the sexy.

Sent to me by another avid reader who was inspired by the Pretty Lady Approach.Enjoy.~O Remember Newfoundland weatherman Karl Wells? Not sexy, despite the “ass tattoo” Facebook group. He retires, and is replaced by Krysta Rudofsky. Much sexier! to host “Living NL” (they’re still trying that damned concept? argh.) She has her own FB fan […]

What the CBC can learn from Paris Hilton

Sent to me from a reclining J. Frank Willis.Enjoy.~O So the ratings south of the border are in, and it appears that no matter where they were broadcast, the stories of Paris Hilton broke through the ratings charts. Before you say Yccccccccccch, I want to tell about the first time I heard Frank Magid called […]

The Maggot

Over the weekend I met up with “J Frank Willis.” She/he was on her/his way north, anxious to spend some time in a Wonderous Canoe to get away from it all. We went to Starbucks. Willis brought the laptop and the National Post and I bought the coffee. We talked and Googled and this is […]

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