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CBC-TV News gets pwned

CBC-TV News gets pwned

It was a major, historic event in downtown Toronto, right next to the CBC building, and TV-watching citizens were asking: where’s the CBC? Quite simply, Twitter & YouTube & TwitPic & Qik kicked the shit out of them. A handful of free tools that didn’t exist 5 years ago just pwned your half-a-century-old billion-dollar National […]


“This year has probably been the CBC’s most impressive year of television production in decades.” – Torontoist, Heroes and Villains of 2009

“It’s television, you gotta have hair”

"It's television, you gotta have hair"

“Eh, I don’t think so” responds Peter Mansbridge in  the briefest of interviews to promote his book of interviews transcribed from work he performed and was paid for by the CBC. More enjoyable, the 45 min. lunchtime discussion alongside Rex Murphy taped at the Toronto Reference Library a month ago.

Trippin with Hubert

Ladies and Gentlemen, It’s always a pleasure to come out to beautiful Vancouver. I’m a drug user and, amongst all of the great things your city has to offer, I must tell you that you have one of the best cities in the country in which to get high. But I did not come to […]

If you haven’t lost your faith yet…

If you haven't lost your faith yet...

Our friends may not have lost hope, but everyone else around them has. Well at least many of us who have no stake in this shit and shake our heads at the money being spent. Who are we? We are workers, we are management, we are viewers, we are listeners, but mostly we are all […]

Green Light – Program Development Series

How do new shows get chosen and developed at CBC? The public broadcaster presents two public seminars – one for radio, one for television – on Thursday, Oct. 29 and Nov. 4, at 12 noon ET. CBC employees who are free for the lunch hour are welcome to attend. On Oct. 29, at noon, look […]

The last generation of CBC News

‘I want to mock you again for your half-assed work and lacklustre commitment. I know that each one of your skills and talents will be wasted in news content that is built on a foundation of conformity, passivity, and commitment to abandon a standard of journalism faster than anyone else in this country’

Bitchy CBC.ca comment of the week

Monica Pacheco commented on CBC buys 2 new Canadian dramas: “I would like to know who exactly is supposed to get “excited” about these shows… Senior citizens in Saskatoon perhaps? Really, even seniors have better things to do, like take naps.”

Stursberg vs World, Part One

Every time we invite John Doyle into the building to preview our fine TV programming and enjoy some dead things on sticks he manages to write a column that makes us look like losers. Here’s pt 1 of the latest.

Pitching to the CBC

From That Mitchell and Webb Look, but some people find it eerily familiar.

The Tale of the Torrent

Guinevere Orvis writes about getting an old tyme media corporation to move in ways it’s not used to. “I expect it would take a pretty big fight to get shows shared that are co-owned by multiple companies or which have extensive licensing contracts, like NHL games. There needs to be a fundamental shift in thinking […]

The Star: Are Leafs to blame for cancellation of CBC TV shows?

“The producer of MVP says she was recently warned by CBC programming director Kirstine Layfield that if the Leafs failed to make the Stanley Cup playoffs this year, the public broadcaster’s arts and entertainment division would take a $10-million hit that would put some of the network’s much-heralded new shows at risk.“

Save Our Shows

Save CBC’s Intelligence.Save Jpod.Save MVP (link coming soon). March 15 11:23am update:Save MVP.Global should save MVP.

CBC-TV announces returning shows for 2008/2009

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