Monthly Archives: December 2005

New look for Newsworld

Newsworld subscribers and those prone to epileptic seizures may want to mark January 9th on their calendars. That’s the launch date for the on-air rebranding of Newsworld. Preliminary critiques call the new graphics “CNN-ish,” with a wealth of bombastic transitions, spinning doohickeys, dramatic flourishes, import-signifying curlicues, pulsating gewgaws, and information-bearing whirling dervishes, enough to consistently […]

Lise Lareau’s 1-cent solution

God bless Lise Lareau and the CMG for finally bringing it up. Love it or hate it (and if you read this web site, you probably do a lot of both), the CBC is overmandated and underfunded, which is unfair to large parts of the audience. I’m not sure the 1-cent idea is the best […]

Click Here! to download the CBC (part II)

The CBC is conducting a podcasting survey to find out what surfistas want, when they want it, how they want it, and if they would possibly pay for it. It’s a good way to start. I urge you to take the survey, because once Phase 5 gets called in, it means things are happening. Another […]

A short conversation with Knowlton Nash

O – So how long has it been now since you left the CBC? N – Well I was doing things up until a couple years ago for the CBC on a freelance basis and I got retired about 1992. O – So you’re not even doing the freelance anymore? N – I’m doing a […]

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