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The Great Tea Makers Wish List

Allan takes it to the street

Allan likes to walk around Toronto and take pictures.Here are some from yesterday.Enjoy.~O

Allan: End of Sam

I live in Toronto. Allan lives in Toronto. There’s no denying it.So maybe we should write about it sometimes?Enjoy.~O It was exactly forty years ago that I worked at Sam The Record Man, after hitchhiking from Vancouver to Toronto.Just passing through, so Sam asked for a reference and I got one for him from a […]

TBC moved into Second Life

Second Life is a rich virtual world providing all the pieces you’ll need to make your own Canadian public broadcaster. Just how you want it! Mix and match any of the parts you like, but note that one Jian Ghomeshi must be used with each kit. Our new, innovative environment will require innovative staffing solutions! […]

Antonia Is Fat

Blame Allan.~O No one word is more of a dagger through the heart of a woman than the word “fat”. Also right up there is “pig” and “slut”. Guys learn this at an early age, and the married ones stay married by quickly explaining they meant “phat” as Snoop Dog would once have said.(phew, that […]

Allan: George, Lies and Videotape

Sent to me by our friend Allan.Enjoy.~O Regrettably, The Hour hasn’t gone away, but rather into re-runs for the summer.After all, why risk putting something else on that people might like even more, say, Douglas Coupland making moosehead soup.Especially when The Hour has become so “successful”, and anything else would be a needless expense. From […]

Happy Pride!

From Ouimet:And Allan:

The shape of things to come

Stursberg’s newest news consultant: The CBC at Six set to music:

To Hell with John Doyle

Like you, this morning I woke up and opened the Globe and Mail and found that John Doyle had totally ripped me off. He’s not the first newspaper columnist to do this. And it’s not the first time he’s done it. It doesn’t bother me much. Maybe because this is a blog, he thinks that […]

Welcome to Scrooge and Marley

Another missive from J. Frank Willis.Enjoy.~O The comments on both Teamakers and on Tod’s Inside the CBC reminded me of the old saying “be careful what you wish for.”Tony is going and many people found his style somewhat irritating, but he was in many ways, from what I heard in several meetings, at least in […]

Onward for Tony

Sent to all CBC staff today.What 6 year old dreams of working at the CBC? Strange advice from mom.Whatever.Good luck, Tony.~O To all CBC news and current affairs staff, and contributors- A little drum roll please – although this time I’ll provide my own drums. I have some personal news to pass on: After seven […]

One way fabric

A few months ago I wrote about billboards. Remember that? Did you notice that the Strombo billboard is still up, a year after the city ordered it taken it down? Cheeky bastards. 2007 is a good year for “promos.” Those are “advertisements,” by the way. The CRTC loves them. Portugal won the war at […]

There goes the neighbourhood

Late last night J. Frank Willis sent me this little note via blackberry from somewhere in the great green north: The latest rumour and it is a substantial rumour from the wilds of Scarberia is that CTV has big plans for the CHUM CITY building it now owns. The architectural classic is going to be […]

IM chat with Andrew Lundy

Ouimet: So how do I know this is the real Andrew Lundy and not some kids screwing around on the computer? Andrew Lundy: LOL.. hopefully the force of my overweening intellect will come through in the IM.And my employee number is 100001319 O: So how did you get started at the CBC and what do […]

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