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Suggestions for Fox News North

Suggestions for Fox News North

Begin by changing the brand name from SUN TV NEWS to … perhaps … NEWSWORLD. And grab these two …

The post-Burman CBC

The Ryerson Review of Journalism is writing about the CBC again. This time in a bit called: “Beyond Repair.” It covers familiar ground, particularly for longterm Tea Makers readers. In fact, it’s hard to believe that anyone besides a Tea Makers reader would want to glance at this thing. Magid’s role is downplayed. Ian Morrison […]

Did Tony Burman take a job with Al-Jazeera?

About a month ago, an anonymous tipster sent me a link to what appeared to be Tony Burman’s website. It was a “coming soon” affair with enigmatic, blurry pictures of camels in the desert. Then the pictures disappeared. He was writing a column for the CBC, but it hasn’t been updated in a month.Then I […]

Tony Burman: the website, take 2

Introducing the Blue Screen of Death Edition.

Tony Burman: the website

What could Tony possibly be up to?

Onward for Tony

Sent to all CBC staff today.What 6 year old dreams of working at the CBC? Strange advice from mom.Whatever.Good luck, Tony.~O To all CBC news and current affairs staff, and contributors- A little drum roll please – although this time I’ll provide my own drums. I have some personal news to pass on: After seven […]

Was Tony right?

When I saw those Cho videos and pictures on NBC, my first thought was “Maybe they shouldn’t be showing this.” And when Tony Burman felt the same way, and said that CBC News wouldn’t be showing them, my first thought was “Finally someone in the media shows a little class, and thank God it’s us.” […]

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