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jPod more popular than Coronation Street? Say it ain’t so.

Oh, it be so.At least according to the top searches listed on the CBC.ca home page.No mean feat when you consider the fact that Coronation fans are probably flooding the site wondering why the show isn’t on TV. The answer? Hockey playoffs, #4 on the list. “Curling” is only #2, with similarly rabid fans wondering […]

jPod in a coma

First, jPod fans had to live with the frustration of figure skating pre-empting episode 11 on March 21st. When they settled in to watch the show on the 28th, it went straight into episode 12, episode 11 seemingly lost forever. Episode 13, the grand finale, aired April 4th and is leaving many fans confused and […]

Hey CBC employee. Don’t cancel jPod.

CBCers browsing Facebook strictly on their own personal time yesterday may have been surprised when confronted with this advertisement narrowcasted directly to them. Brought to you by savejpod.ca. No word on whether the target demographic for the ad, Richard Stursberg, has a Facebook account, and if so, how many people he has “poked.” Thanks, iNudes.

Save Our Shows

Save CBC’s Intelligence.Save Jpod.Save MVP (link coming soon). March 15 11:23am update:Save MVP.Global should save MVP.

What’s wrong with jPod?

Ryan Bigge is determined to fix it.