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A tale of two twitterers

There are those who say Gomeshi and Strombolopoulos must have photos of numerous powerful CBC executives in bed with dead women or live boys (or comatose ladyboys) for them to still be on the air. I say pshaw, fiddlesticks, and horse hockey! Jian and George are simply far too busy living their fabulous lifestyles to […]


“You’re on notice, Olympic Torch. If I wanted to see a bunch of dudes following a flame I’d just tag along with Mercer’s entourage.” – petermansbridg via Twitter

Not a fan

“Just a question : When did telling people ad nauseum that you like ‘The Clash’ and dressing and acting like a gay biker ever amount to coolness?” – Not a fan, ‘The Strombo Show’ SUCKS

Stag ’n’ DIN

CBC News Network’s new onscreen graphics

CBCNN onscreen graphics now hung like a horse

CBCNN’s new font is Stag

Shocker: Gay host handles gay segment properly

Actual gay Brent Bambury handles actual-gay subject-matter correctly, for the first and only time on this topic

Did you miss them?

Steven and Chris are coming back, and they’re still fabulous!

‘[T]he first originally Canadian reality show’

Battle of the Gay Blades “is the first originally Canadian reality show. Battle of the [Gay] Blades may even be the first truly original Canadian TV show”


The dudes on Battle of the Blades all looked embarrassed. They should be

Not the expected sense of ‘fierce’

Battle of the Blades continues not to know what it’s doing or who its audience is

Pop doc 1: We’ve got all your friends and mine

Rise Up, Part 1: Less enjoyable than the rock docs because I remember nearly all this shit

Andrew Nichols shakes your cocktails

…at Pride soirée Starry Night, June 26. (Oh! And Gavin Crawford [q.v.]!)

Gay bears do Strombo

Dead Robot and Sharkboy rid their minds of Disney long enough to regally command the red leatherette armchairs.

Two ways to televise a radio show

Failed TV pilot for popular nerd podcast the Sound of Young America (q.v.; at iTunes): (A pilot for whom? CurrentTV.) Q (“TV”) with Jee-ahn Go-meshee: Champion of this updated contest of filming a stageplay and calling it television? None: It’s a tie. UPDATE (2009.05.21): Now teh Gays are doing it (the Proud FM to be […]

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