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Farewell Robert Rabinovitch

As you may or may not know, Robert Rabinovitch’s tenure as President and CEO of CBC/Radio-Canada ends on December 31st. Over the years the Tea Makers has often been critical of his performance, but I wish him well in the future and wherever his career takes him. Exit interview by the Globe and Mail and […]



Rabinovitch planning early exit?

From Our Public Airwaves’ latest newsletter: CBC insiders say that Bob Rabinovitch is considering an early exit as corporation president before his term ends in November by taking advantage of unused annual leave. The rumour mill says Rabinovitch wants to leave early because he’s bored with the job, is a lame duck anyway and is […]

Robert Rabinovitch in the House of Commons

More Gravol, less adrenaline

Only Tuesday and there’s a lot to read, most of it from the President himself. Summing up his CRTC appearance Monday, he started off an internal memo: The focal point of our appearance was the two issues that CBC/Radio-Canada deems key to the future health of conventional television: the weakening business model, and the transition […]

Hard truths at the Empire Club

Mr. Rabinovitch gave a speech on Thursday at the Empire Club. Internally, we were sent a memo telling us he would be speaking. Then we were sent a memo telling us he had spoken, and that we should read his words. He gives a lot of speeches, but the fact that we were emailed so […]

Where’s Bobby? (part III)

I said before that the president was creatively bankrupt. Talk of “flexibility” and the “changng media environment” is more than just heehaw to be mailed out on glossy paper – there is a lot of truth to it. So why has our business model remained essentially unchanged for 75 years? Oh sure, there have been […]

Where’s Bobby? (part II)

Last week the president finally spoke up in the G&M newspaper. He sent out a flyer, too. I waited for more. I think that was it. I hate placing blame and finger-pointing. But for this fiasco I have to place the blame squarely, unequivocally, and soundly on the shoulders of the president. His job is […]

Where’s Bobby?

Note to All Staff: The following is for your information. Even though this note has not been sent directly to all CBC e-mail accounts, it is of particular interest to CBC staff outside of the province of Quebec and the city of Moncton. Please pass this information on to any of your colleagues who are […]