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CTV at the Oltmpics: “Drop Your Gear”

The look on the anchors’ faces after the MuchMusic contribution is priceless.

Swain Song

Swain Song

Heads up Breaking News Desk! Is Diana Swain, Gemini award winning host and pint sized cutie jumping to Global? Perhaps to fill the soon to be vacated Kevin Newman chair or maybe she’s just sick of the shit. The long suffering CBC Toronto Local show and its ability to generate ulcers for any and all […]

CBC News Network not even trying at historic national moment

CBC News Network not even trying at historic national moment

As the country went wild with jubilation, CBC News had nothing. Not even the smallest effort to be part of the excitement. A giant expensive broadcasting facility in Vancouver sat idle. No man-in-the-street interviews, no commentary, nothing LIVE from Vancouver or anywhere. In fact it seemed as if the CBC went out of its way […]

Two Small Men From RDS

Two Small Men From RDS

It would be awkward for anyone at the CBC to publicly condemn the actions of a competing broadcaster. But this is not a matter of business or politics, but rather of prejudice. When Johnny Weir took to the ice in the Men’s Figure Skating competition last Wedneswday, two male talking heads from RDS were ready […]

broadcasting is a series of tubes

broadcasting is a series of tubes

“A spokesperson for CBC-TV has acknowledged to The Canadian Press that an error caused CBC News Network to broadcast about 45 minutes of Olympic footage. “It was a technical issue,” CBC spokesperson Chris Ball said in a telephone interview. CTV and Rogers Media paid US$93 million for the rights to broadcast the Vancouver Games. “Our […]

Howard Bernstein

“What does this mean for CTV and Global? It means the shows they have depended on to survive, the ones they want even better access to, may soon cease to exist. How long can a dying industry continue to produce $3 million episodes that get smaller and smaller audiences? Not long. Global without House and […]

Ivan Fecan, let’s make a deal!

However, Fecan said CTV has offered to sell several of its money-losing stations for a nominal fee of $1. It’s had no takers.“That speaks volumes,” he said. Dear Ivan Fecan It has always been a dream of mine to be a broadcast mogul, and it seems I am finally in a position to realize that […]

If the CBC is Canada’s eyes & ears, what are CTV and Global?

Curt Petrovich defends the CBC.Will his essay win him a trip to Ottawa?

A Generation of Local TV Anchors Is Signing Off

The New York Times says many US local anchors are losing their jobs as they are replaced by the younger and cheaper. Same thing is happening here of course with the CTV layoffs. Is CBC next?

The CTV Memo II

From: CTVglobemedia CommunicationsSent: Thursday, November 27, 2008 10:54 AMSubject: A Message from Dawn Fell/Avis de Dawn Fell Following Ivan Fecan’s message and Town Hall last week, layoffs are taking place today affecting approximately 105 positions. Virtually all of these positions are in Toronto. The various collective agreements that cover some of the affected positions allow […]

The CTV memo

This was sent out to CTV staff today, Nov. 18, 2008 To All Staff The current financial situation has affected all of us. Along with Canada and the world markets, our industry is no exception. The worldwide financial situation is causing sharp decreases in advertising spending and even the potential bankruptcy of some of our […]

Leaked: CTV “Goldmine”

At the CBC we have an internal newsletter called “The Grapevine” which is chock full of, er…. Ok you got me. I never read it. But it turns out that CTV has a similar publication, called “The Goldmine” leaked to me by a gruntled CTV employee. I had to pay $12 for it, but I […]

US TV + Canadian ads = $$$$

The Tournament is a mockumentary about hockey on the CBC. It’s sponsored by Kia, and part of the deal is that a few of the characters on the show work at the fictional Ryckman Kia dealership. Another part of the deal was putting “mock ads” like the one above on the cbc.ca website. In marketing […]

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