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A tale of two twitterers

There are those who say Gomeshi and Strombolopoulos must have photos of numerous powerful CBC executives in bed with dead women or live boys (or comatose ladyboys) for them to still be on the air. I say pshaw, fiddlesticks, and horse hockey! Jian and George are simply far too busy living their fabulous lifestyles to […]

How it works

We all know and accept that celebrity interviews are almost entirely a charade, but it’s always fun to hear Charlie Brooker dissect it once again.

Two Small Men From RDS

It would be awkward for anyone at the CBC to publicly condemn the actions of a competing broadcaster. But this is not a matter of business or politics, but rather of prejudice. When Johnny Weir took to the ice in the Men’s Figure Skating competition last Wedneswday, two male talking heads from RDS were ready […]

New Phone App Helps You To Identify Strangers

“…the user points the camera at a person across the room. Face recognition software creates a 3-D model of the person’s mug and sends it across a server where it’s matched with an identity in the database. A cloud server conducts the facial recognition since and sends back the subject’s name as well as links […]

Richard Switzer

“What cruel, ironic bastard assigned ‘Fall On Your Knees’ to Perdita Felicien?” – Richard Switzer via Twitter on Canada Reads

Cumulative earlistenery

The CBC intends to aggressively push its content onto multiple digital platforms by negotiating deals with the cable and satellite companies while building on partnerships with the major digital players like iTunes and Google. Or so Inside The CBC tells us was discussed, at some point in time, at an undisclosed location, by a jowly […]

Keith Bilous

“Behind the anonymity of commenting, people hate others. It is disgusting.” – Keith Bilous on moderating comments at via Mondoville

They think they’re entitled

In the arena of 21st century popular culture, you can get away with illegally invading sovereign nations to steal their oil and opium, even if you murder tens of thousands of innocents along the way. But when prominent public meat puppets from Adam Giambrone to Tiger Woods cynically pounce on any and every young thing […]

Here’s a request – do an actual radio show or get out of the way

This is what you’re paying for Canada. This is what Strombo is taking money for. Feeling ripped off yet? Has the CBC no shame? Richard Stursberg whines that people in Canada are not paying enough in taxes to support its public broadcaster. Money for what? Taxes being used to pay Strombo to sit for four […]

broadcasting is a series of tubes

“A spokesperson for CBC-TV has acknowledged to The Canadian Press that an error caused CBC News Network to broadcast about 45 minutes of Olympic footage. “It was a technical issue,” CBC spokesperson Chris Ball said in a telephone interview. CTV and Rogers Media paid US$93 million for the rights to broadcast the Vancouver Games. “Our […]

She’s All That

Canadian Women in Communications 2010 Woman of the Year Kirstine Stewart “… one of the brightest stars in Canada’s televison industry. Since joining the CBC in 2006 as general manager of CBC English Television, she has revitalized ratings and generated new revenue streams. As the network’s chief creative officer, she has overseen the launch of […]


His own blog is boring and attracts no readers whatsoever. He misses the good old days of having thousands of people, though only a few, reading all about him and the CBC when he had control of the “Official Blog” But he blew that when he had it, proving himself to be a petty, […]

Things to Blame Jian for: (I also think Twitter saved his life).

I’m in a bad mood, and Jian is annoying me tweeting about the olympics and being all annoying.  (all art by PoonGirl). Like who THE FUCK DOES HE THINK HE IS ! With this gem – To all those tweeting/texting me: Gordon Lightfoot is not dead. We’ve spoken to his manager & confirmed. This was a […]

Let’s go LIVE to …

Despite being in the same city at the same time, probably best to keep these two apart. Meanwhile, Charlie Brooker goes on location, and live, to cover … eh … himself. When disaster strikes anywhere in the world there’s no better place to be than a newsroom. Unless the disaster is the CBC News Network.

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