Monthly Archives: September 2007

Being Rick Mercer

The Mercer Report starts up again this week, and Rick has a book out as well, so he’s been in full-on promotion mode. Accordingly, The Hour gave him plenty of time to shill his various projects. Rick also gave a shoutout to Posterchild’s pasteup homage, as well as its inevitable decline. He didn’t, however, talk […]


So they split Tony’s job into 2 and gave half of it to John Cruickshank of the Chicago Sun-Times. Did you notice they were going to call the position “Executive Director,” until this blog suggested Publisher? Doyle’s not the only one nicking ideas from Tea Makers. So what’s Cruickshank supposed to do with his half […]

Shock and outrage

I never thought I’d say this, but I’ve been getting a lot of email about Martha Stewart lately. Everyone seems pretty pissed off that we’re airing this, and from what I gather it’s mostly because it’s an American show. I don’t remember this kind of outrage when we quietly picked up syndicated episodes of Frasier […]

Nonfiction #2

Depending on who you talk to, the first Nonfiction night at the Drake was a good laugh or a frivolous stab at creating a branded Toronto Media Party, the Spacing for frustrated media hacks. Maybe the whole concept is doomed. The CBC has been in a state of crisis for 70 years. I’ve never had […]

Canadian Gaffes & Practical Amusements

Someone posted these SCTV clips on YouTube. They combine parts of the classic “Janitor Strike” episode as well as a thorough skewering of early ’80s CBC that will be instantly recognizable to anyone who watched the English network at that time. SCTV purists might get agitated over the mixing of seasons, but in essence what […]