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In Bizarro World, The CBC Is Ironically Still Called The CBC

Are you not familar with Bizarro world ?  Perhaps you should watch the clip I posted. We always complain about ‘the usuals’  at the CBC.  The offenders of boring shows that rely on American B-list celebrities or the no-talent hacks that make it on the air and stay there, because the CBC is like a girlfriend that […]

John Doyle

“As much as some people loathe the CBC, CBC bosses hate us more” ~ possibly written by John Doyle in Five things we learned from TV this year

Ghomeshi’s Good Year

Just like Rodney Dangerfield, it’s tough for Jian Ghomeshi to get any respect. George ended up with the time slot that once was his, while Jian does a show that is basically The Hour on radio but with better guests, though no billboards to promote his dimples, nor live audience to applaud his grand entrance […]


“I have to take responsibility for my own actions, even with a pseudonym … it’s one of the first things learned writing this blog.” ~ Ouimet – The Year In Review

A Complaint, Under The Constitution Of PoonGirl

  The Constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself. – Benjamin Franklin.     Question:  Why do The TeaMakers say this before posting ?  – “However, before pressing send, read it out loud to yourself. What would your mother think of that?” Umm, ok, I don’t care […]

The Year In Review

2009 is nearly done, and depending on where you were standing in the CBC, it was a great one or a miserable one. It was a great year for the writers of press releases, for example. Kids who got bumped from their jobs were a bit bitter. Steven and Chris came out even.

Time to go, Peter

Let’s be frank, Mr. Mansbridge. It’s over. That’s … enough. Thank you. You need not be the face of the CBC any more. We don’t need you, you’re getting on our nerves, and standing in the way of progress. You’ve served your purpose. Time to move on. We get it, you are truly a seasoned […]

Life or No Life

A lighthearted exchange about playing Secret Santa over the internet, from CBC Montreal.

Beauty and The Best

Yes, Kevin O’Leary is beautiful. Easily the most entertaining and endearing personality to emerge at the CBC in years. The half-hour show he and Amanda Lang produce each day is the very best of all that News Network has to offer.

Amanda Lang

“Definition of a mixed blessing: a compliment from John Doyle.” – Amanda Lang on Twitter

News from the Federal Finance Minister

Flaherty’s deficit plan: Take an axe and cut deep “I’ve done it before. I did it in Ontario.”-Jim Flaherty quoted in the Toronto Star. Stay tuned for updates

Penguins aren’t people, John Doyle

Of the 10 most endearing people in the lonely life of an epistle spewing TV critic, the under-rated Amanda Lang and the over-rated Claire Martin.

Knob on Tube!

 “DUDE! You done with eliptical or not?!” I’ll give him credit for understanding, more than any other CBCNN Skype contributor, that it’s a visual medium. If I could give some advice to you “Kevy baby” or ” O Man” or whatever they call you at your private club? It would be this. You are obviously a smart man and that’s […]

the Tea Makers page you’ve never seen

It’s likely you’ve never read this page. I hadn’t until last night, and I work here.