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JobLoft guys are millionaires???

How many freakin’ links to TeamSave are there in this article? http://www.thestar.com/business/smallbusiness/article/824442–saving-money-with-online-teamwork “Competition isn’t new to Nguyen and Liu. Before launching TeamSave.com, the duo, along with two other classmates from Ryerson University, founded JobLoft.com, a website that specialized in the retail, food and hospitality industries. “With JobLoft, we were competing against 40,000 job sites that […]

Only a mark would invest money in The Mark

Only a mark would invest money in The Mark

That’s odd. A Dragon usually asks how much money a venture has made so far and/or what are the realistic projected revenues before they’ll invest their hard earned cash. Not so, apparently, for Arlene Dickinson, who is one of the investors in the “new” web site “The Mark“. We use the word “new” because it’s […]

Dianne Buckner

“i regret to inform you that the term ‘flaming sphincter valve’ is used on Dragons’ Den tonight.” – Dianne Buckner via Twitter

Burnin’ up

Bizarre Dragons’ Den ad

Coming up on ‘Dragons’ Den’: A bike trailer for two-fours

But the inventors “won’t say how it went”

Dragons’ Dick

Two of the guys on Dragons’ Den actually really cannot fucking stand each other

Nation-touring nude bodypainters on ‘Dragons’ Den’ NOW!

Will you not heed their cries?

Dragons to become Sharks

Kevin O’Leary and Robert Herjavec have been discovered by Mark Burnett.

If the Dragons and you controlled the economy

Great idea.Could easily have been a one hour special, but those Dragons don’t come cheap. The National, January 21st and 23rd.


I’m a big fan of Dragons’ Den. I know I gave the first episode of season 1 a lukewarm reception, but the truth of the matter is that I watched every episode afterwards, and found myself looking forward to the show each week. Season 2 is even better, although the ratings are not so hot. […]

George in the Dragons’ Den

Nov 30 8pm addendumI’ve been informed that his clip was the 96th most viewed on YouTube yesterday.

“I will pay you to stay away from any business I’m invested in. And if you come near it, I’ll set that teddy bear on fire.”

A few days ago the producers of the new CBC show The Dragon’s Den emailed me the address of a secret website so I could preview the first episode online. This is a milestone for me. Of what, I’m not sure. I realize that some people question whether the CBC should be doing reality programs […]

Rednecks seek $75,000 for t-shirts

One of the CBC’s new reality shows is Dragon’s Den, where entrepreneurs apply for venture capital. Wait, where are you going? Just listen to me for a sec. One of the biznob consultants keeps an exuberant, confusing, kinetic blog that also acts as a kind of production blog for the show. Q: Why would you […]

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