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Protest-blog roundup

Save Our CBC North (registered to Jeff Elgie; also on the Facebook) SOS Radio-Canada (registered to Julie Thoret [sic]; Sauvons Radio-Canada on the Facebook) Neither is very active as yet.

Attend the tale of Strombo George

Strombo loses by a nose in trustworthiness in the everyday task of shaving you with a straight razor.

Mediabeat Letter 2

Beat harder.

CBCers at Centennial College journalism summit

Paul McLaughlin, David Newland, Heather Evans, Gary Graves, and Jesse Hirsh are current and former CBC journos invited to attend today’s Brave New(s) World summit. (It’s about “the future of journalism,” a question it will surely settle – Jeff Jarvis is there.)

Cinema conundrum?

If you work at Fort Dork, your tastes in private commercial broadcasting probably run more along the lines of CITY-TV. The old CITY, before it got ass-raped by cableco kleptocrats. How is Rogers borking now? By ignoring its licence requirement to run a Canadian movie every week. It’s not much of a ploy. Even with […]

The tweeting wounded

What was there to be unsure about, luvmuffin? Yesterday was a rotten day. What makes it worse is that when someone is classified as ‘redundant,’ it’s not over yet. If they’re in the union, they get a chance to bump someone out who’s not in the union, or who has less seniority. Just as long […]

Who took the buyout?

According to Lise Lareau, Don Newman, John McGrath, Steve Finkelman, Mark Bulgutch, Mark Parkman, and Richard Furlong. (Some are retiring.) See also: Maffin.

A media lynch mob in Toronto

Jeffrey Dvorkin has a bone to pick with Canadian crime reporting.

Oh Pumpkins

As I read the latest posts on “Inside CBC” — I feel like an Aberdeen Angus that slipped out the back door of the slaughterhouse when no one was looking. I am free, ambling through green pastures, my mind is beginning to clear and I realize how close I came to being turned into hamburger. […]

Hockey coverage for the 21st century

Who’s got it? Hint: It comes equipped with a catchy theme song. “That’s what I like about TSN…. [It’s] not afraid to take a position that is more set in the evolving standards of society than in the repressed standards of hockey culture.”

Wedgie then and now

The ever-changing moods of the imperious critic we just can’t get rid of, Robert Fulford. Then: Intelligence anti-American Low-life bad guys may shoot each other on the mean streets, but the really bad guys are sitting behind desks [and]we know precisely who those bad guys are: Americans. […] It sounds like the darkest fantasy of […]


According to the signals emanated, no doubt with a Cheneyesque lack of contrition, from the desk of Dick Stursberg, this is the week 180 CBC English employees will lose their jobs. Not many of the Tea Makers writers work at the Corpse (use of second-person pronouns notwithstanding). The number isn’t zero, but we aren’t led […]

25 things the CTV Save Local campaign is worse than

23. More CBC middle managers 26. Ending a sentence with a preposition

Open Doors, Open Hearts

Everyone was so nice.A Love-In.Much needed.(click on images to enlarge)