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… a Newfie walks into the CBC …

... a Newfie walks into the CBC ...

Alan Hawco and his friends had it all figured out. An idea for a TV show set in their own neighbourhood. They would write it and act in it. And they believed in themselves, that they could actually do it, and make it work. It would be an original creation, from, by and about the […]


“If I had a TV, I’d watch it.” – comment from mockorange on Republic of Doyle

Republic of Dull

Republic of Dull

If the trailers are any indication then Republic of Doyle is counting a lot on audiences being taken with the charming scenery.

Blogger buries newsworthy story

Denis McGrath didn’t bother to report an H1N1 outbreak until CBC did

‘Doyle’ lensing breaks Newf dawn

Republic of Doyle begins filming

you might like it … in about 8 months!

Things are so “anything-goes-cause-there’s-no-way-this-paper-will-ever-make-money” at the National Post that Lia Grainger writes …If you’re one of those crime show addicts, try something made in Canada: CBC’s new The Republic of Doyle follows a father and son team of private investigators as they patrol the coast of Newfoundland. That is, once the CBC actually makes the […]

Another Bad Omen For "The Republic of Doyle"

First one big mistake, and now another.When you read Denis McGrath’s gleeful news that he’ll be working on upcoming scripts for the show, it becomes even more apparent that Republic of Doyle is in deep trouble.First they rip the heart out of it by removing part of the cast. Then they inject the soulless bag […]

CBC declares ‘Republic of Doyle’ too good to waste it using Canadians

Always thinking of how to make a bigger profit, the CBC knows a good show when they see it.And they know how to improve it. Get rid of the Canadians.After viewing the pilot episode of Republic of Doyle, CBC programmers were so enthusiastic with the show that they decided to give the go-ahead for more.But […]

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