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Not Connecting with Kelly

Stay informed – stay upright!

From the Mercer Report on YouTube. Comment from skinnydipper08: “I can’t wait until the CBC interviews Rick Hansen.”

90 Minutes Live with Hunter S. Thompson (1977)


Spot The Difference – The Onion vs the New National

(via Mondoville)

Get ready to have your mind blown

Are you ready for the heavy shit Jesse Hirsh and his friends at TVO are laying down on YouTube?

Kam Fong demands we make this clip All-Tube Top Ten

“Doug” Coupland thinks jPod “never got a chance”!

Where do brain farts go on Planet Pratt?

Where do brain farts go on Planet Pratt?

A radio station that has no sales department? How is this a radio station?

Better than Moby

Better than Moby

Dear frustrated CBC translator: we can hear everything you say

What The CBC Will Never Air

The one sure thing you won’t see on the CBC: an open discussion about the CBC It’s so entertaining, and could have gone for hours. But then, you don’t have to tell us!

“autograph my gravy?”

Caption: http://houndstv.caTORONTO (HoundsTV) Apr 9, 2009 – Billy Bob enters Massey Hall in Toronto the day after his weird CBC interview as fans and media await. Billy says it’s NOT Canadian audiences that are like “mashed potatoes without gravy.” – IT’S THE INTERVIEWER JIAN Parody Caption: Bite TV host Jason Agnew and special guest star […]

What Fox News thinks of the Canadian Armed Forces

If you’ve been reading all the comments at The National Post, the Star and elsewhere slamming the CBC for alleged anti-military, anti-Canadian Forces coverage (of course these people never watch CBC, so how would they know?), well here is what Fox News, the favourite network for the neo-Cons, including probably most of the Conservative Party, […]

The Perfect Storm

Last night I paid a visit to the “about” page for our board of directors. No doubt, they are all fine people who have excelled in their fields. But what CBC is facing right now is a perfect storm, and I’m not sure they’re prepared, or even qualified, to make the choices CBC needs to […]

Beauty and the Book

Hannah Sung Erica