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The Hour: Now with 300% more funny

So they can finally get rid of that copy of Ye Olde Compendium O’ Shaggy-Dog Stories, Gags, and Amusing Anecdotes Wayne and Shuster left behind. 3 comedy writers have been hired to goose The Hour for its main net debut, at the enviable, primo date and time of 11pm Thanksgiving night. Our formerly nameless, shameless, […]


TO:; wendy_mesley@cbc.caCC: undadawgz@cbc.caFROM: cbcteamakers@hotmail.comSUBJECT: Ideas for your showDATE: September 27, 2006 9:18:47 PM Dear Wendy Mesley, How are you? Editor and publisher of The Tea Makers here. I’m writing with a few suggestions for your new show, Underdogs. The premise sounds killer: Who hasn’t felt completely alone and outgunned when you’ve tried to get […]

Why does cbcwatch still suck?

This morning was spent, as per CBC Employee Policy, liasing with other CBC managers, smoking Bob Hope, reinforcing our self-regenerating opinions, and dreaming up new, subliminal ways to discredit the current Prime Minister. I waited patiently as Burman bogarted the joint, as he is wont to do, and I thought to myself: how come no […]

That 70s logo

Coming home from the pub last night I was a little wobbly and did a double-take when I saw the latest issue of eye on the seat next to me. I used to enjoy eye. Then they went and wrecked it by cutting loose their good writers and implementing a bloody awful redesign. The article […]

Claude bleeds of nerds has been slowly bleeding staff over the last few months, all of them poached by outgoing impresario Claude Galipeau. Claude, you may remember, was the guy the CBC hired from Alliance Atlantis to run, the de facto VP of new media without the title, who went back to Alliance Atlantis earlier this […]

Guy, we hardly knew vous

I was waiting for this Guy Fournier story to break in the English media, and I was not disappointed by the Globe and Mail this morning. The controversy centres around something he wrote about Lebanese law, which may or may not be true. The comments were part of a regular column Fournier wrote for the […]

Hockey: A People’s Middling Interest

I was surprised by the so-so ratings for Hockey: A People’s History last Sunday, well short of the 800,000 goal Stursberg set for documentaries. Sure, the thing was schmaltzy. But hockey is a drama played out with broad strokes. There’s no place for angst. Have you seen these people? More importantly, have you seen their […]

Home sweet deconstructivist home

I’ve always liked the look of the outside of the TBC. From the first moment I saw it. It’s distinctive. Also whimsical. I admire it nearly every day I come to work. It’s just cool. More than one youngish employee has expressed the same sentiment to me, a real pride in this building, at least […]

Meet me at the corner of 2C300M and 3H100K

Did you know that the brainiacs behind the signs in the TBC were given the go-ahead to do the signage for the whole city of Toronto? They’re finished already, and will be presenting the fruits of their labours around the city this month. Now, I don’t want to blame the fine people at Kramer Design […]

Get well soon, Tod

A few readers have emailed me asking why Tod hasn’t posted on Inside the CBC for a while. He’s going to be on medical leave for a few weeks. For now his blog is being run by the CBC Communications department. He’s off the grid. So he can’t even read this. In the meantime, send […]

CBC ads for the lads

Sent to me by a keen-eyed one-handed reader are these screenshots of banner ads for the National all over a self-professed “guys’ portal to the web.” Not safe for work: up top and on the bottom. It might work. Frat boys watch the news, too. Er – don’t they? And if some of that collateral […]

When the internet fails us

Last night I watched the very very very good documentary 9/11: The Falling Man on Newsworld, and it reminded me of my own experience on September 11th. I had arrived home around 9am and turned on my computer to get some news. I made coffee and when I came back to the computer, was […]

A Joe Clark roundup

Notes from the arcane world of Joe Clark, in case you missed them: Organizing our marvellous neighboursWhy does the CBC use British spellings in TV captions? Because the BBC does it that way, presumably. ‘Tis an error i’faithWhy does the CBC mix up single and double quotes in TV captions? Can someone please check to […]

Still more retro CBC magazine ads

More from Jamie Bradburn‘s cache. Click the ads to see larger versions and read his annotations, which are very worthwhile. More of his ads here and here.

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