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Jesse Hirsh on G20 coverage

“There was a clear contrast between journalists who were using Twitter and journalists who weren’t. Journalists giving on-the-ground reports were far more accurate than those in newsrooms like (Peter) Mansbridge or Ann Rohmer. They thought they were doing value-added voiceover, but they really weren’t tied in to what was really happening.” – Jesse Hirsh, Coverage […]

A Journalist For Our Time

A Journalist For Our Time

In an ideal world it would be Kevin O’Leary who launched a new, bold news channel. With Jesse Hirsh as Program Director. The Star And included Daybreak with …, Late Night with …, pretty much Anytime with … Amanda Lang.

Jesse Hirsh gets the new … yep … iPad




You’ve probably heard a variation of the phrase “people get the government they deserve”. But does that apply to our public broadcaster as well? Three national television stations. Three national radio stations. But where is the programming that speaks to you? Where are the minds that speak for you? So many worthwhile shows, so much […]

Jesse Hirsh

“What they should have done is try something new. Something that reflected both the opportunities the internet has to offer, and its potential to bring real substance and investigative journalism back to televised news. A number of newspapers, like the Toronto Star, have returned to a heavy diet of investigative reports as a means of […]

Get ready to have your mind blown

Are you ready for the heavy shit Jesse Hirsh and his friends at TVO are laying down on YouTube?

Not so fast, Jesse Hirsh

When Jesse talks, it only takes a couple of minutes before my head is spinning.I understand what he’s saying.But is he right?And what are the implications/ramifications if he is?

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