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A love letter from George

Strombo wolf hat

Finally, it arrived.  Although, I think it was just bulk mail he sent to every admirer.  Somehow, his light heartedness seems fake and forced.  Here is the love letter. George drops such literary gems as “fer real”, “doper” and signing off with “Piece”.  He really knows the way to my heart. If I may… From […]

Executive Producer, The Hour – TOR02519

Take pride in what you do – and where you work. CBC/Radio Canada is Canada’s national public broadcaster and one of its largest cultural institutions.. CBC/Radio-Canada brings diverse regional and cultural perspectives into the daily lives of Canadians in English, French and eight aboriginal languages. ***Please note this is a contract position*** THE HOUR – […]

West coast “journalism teacher” succumbs to Strombomania

Emily Laing

From Susan Gittins’ Flickr stream.

the environment between George’s ears

the environment between George's ears

Sarah Westwood walks with George along the Seawall George is asked what next for the campaign “A Million Acts of Green”. He uses the term “we”, without clarifying that the campaign was created in conjunction with CISCO, who wanted to experiment with social network marketing, and chose the issue and provided resources and funding. That’s […]

George is Tucked, Taped and Fabulous in Vancouver

George is Tucked, Taped and Fabulous in Vancouver

Last night just wasn’t my night.  I must have said something that ticked George off.  Perhaps it was when I enquired what his publicist does exactly.  I merely mentioned there was a particular fan that seemed to be doing much more for George then his publicist is; and that George doesn’t even give her a thank you […]

Genuine George

Genuine George

From where we’re sitting, that would be two thumbs up, George.

Barbara Budd a Guest on The Hour?

Barbara Budd a Guest on The Hour?

What are the odds that recently laid off “presenter” Barbara will be sitting in the red chair across from “respected journalist” George? After 17 years of being only a voice on CBC Radio, you’d think that a Canadian audience would like to get a good look at her. And she could explain why she’s leaving, […]

The Children’s Hour

The Children's Hour

The nice man in the sweater exploits “little peanuts”. By way of introduction, let’s get a laugh by mentioning that some of the guys working on The Hour like to fuck. “It’s a good chance that somebody on this staff fathered your children. I’ve seen this when we take this show on the road. These […]

More of The Hour’s self-indulgent tripe

More of The Hour's self-indulgent tripe

” … and why is he interrupting my segment? Would you do that to Tom Petty?” Thinking J.D. Roberts is sniffing around for a job at the CBC, retirement villa for ex-Much Music staffers. He’s gone as far as he can in the U.S., and Mansbridge won’t last forever. (come back later for video of […]

The Hour’s propaganda

The Hour's propaganda

Ryerson Review of Journalism, 2005: Jennifer Dettman, executive producer, helped create the show’s concept by targeting audiences with Stroumbo’s youthful personality. “I suppose that’s cool,” says Stroumbo, “because for the longest time, getting people under the age of 15 engaged on a Newsworld program was rare.” Doyle, on the other hand, argues that no program […]

Manufacturing Boredom

Manufacturing Boredom

It’s more than lies and spin that can control a nation. It can be done by omission. By what’s not being said. The Hour and re-branding of Newsworld has been shown to be empty heroics, and resulted in both a dumbing down and slowing down of any vitality and daring in news coverage and broadcast […]

How it works

We all know and accept that celebrity interviews are almost entirely a charade, but it’s always fun to hear Charlie Brooker dissect it once again.

Paul Quarrington wasn’t cool enough for The Hour

Paul Quarrington wasn't cool enough for The Hour

LAST DAYS – photo Tyler Anderson/National Post Few us will ever be as loved and admired as he was, and is, forever

Getting Mugged

Getting Mugged

Yes, Bill, it is a bit cryptic. In fact, no one knows what the hell it’s supposed to mean.

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