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Pro-CBC group releases pro-CBC opinion poll

Friends of Canadian Broadcasting releases results of Pollara poll showing overwhelming public support for and trust of the CBC, plus distrust of the government.

Conservatives dismiss more than 100,000 mouse clicks

The Conservatives wrote off signatures in the “Save the CBC” petition as “corny” after they were presented in parliamentary committee hearings Miracle on 34th Street style. No word on how the petition signers feel about this slight, as messages to went unanswered as of press time.

‘Tori and Dean discuss the ongoing CRTC hearing’

Boot in the Pants (not his real name) exposes the chicanery of asking the CRTC to designate reality shows as priority CanCon.

Ted Reynolds Was A Good Man

“… the intangible quality of elegance”~ CBC Sports head Scott Moore All of British Columbia loved Ted Reynolds. “There are so many memories and so many friends and companions from all around the globe – all because I was part of the greatest era in TV broadcasting,”

‘Vote for a stranger’

“My friend Jaeho helped design the site for the (admittedly horrible) CBC drama Heartland,” writes the Sunday Best. “ ‘[W]hy should I vote for someone I don’t know in a contest that I’ve only just now heard about?’ And the answer is simple.”

Location is everything

Destined to become the greatest broadcast center in Canada.In that location, with that view, behind the stage at Dundas Square, it cannot but capture the mind and the eye, for all who need to feel anchored to their surroundings for even just a moment, see the weather downtown, join the summer festivities always at Yonge […] editor to head

Rachel Nixon has been appointed director of digital media for CBC News.She’s a Webby winner!But appears to have exhausted all possibilities at NowPublic.Totally with it, there she is on Twitter.

CBC still hiring

Some jobs are too important to lose.

Is The CBC Leftist?

Lynne Russell may well be the Emma Peel of integrity and discipline when it comes to electronic news gathering.But that doesn’t mean we will always agree with her. The example Lynne gives here is not a clear indication that the CBC is “Leftist”.The decision that was made which she complains about, could easily be attributed […]

How PMSD Is Ruining the CBC

Program Management/Staff Development, PMSD. It’s an innocuous-sounding and much-despised program that is meant to align the efforts of employees with the goals of the CBC. Unfortunately, the goals the Senior Executive Team has set are entirely self-serving and not aimed at improving service to the public. Rather, the broad goals that start this top-to-bottom exercise […]

Job opening: VP of Real Estate

Almost in the dark of night, the Corpse announces that Michel St-Cyr has left for the private sector.

A Separate Reality

After listening to Richard Stursberg, The Toronto Star agrees with Rick McGinniss – fresh thinking is needed.

What The CBC Will Never Air

The one sure thing you won’t see on the CBC: an open discussion about the CBC It’s so entertaining, and could have gone for hours. But then, you don’t have to tell us!

GO? How’s about WOW!

Slave To The Squarewave perform Sinners Of Saint Avenue Live on CBC Radio’s GO

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