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Leveraging the power of online media

An exchange between Kris Krug, new media visionary in his own mind, and Steve Billinger, new media manager of the CBC, at some kind of new media fest: Krug: “What are some of the factors unique to Canada in the digital media landscape?” Billinger: “It’s highly regulated, there’s no money, and people don’t like to […]

‘RRJ’: Student hit job?

The Spring ’09 Ryerson Review of Journalism (launch photos) runs a piece that essentially enables every competitor of CBC.CA to whine about its unfair advantage. Globe apparatchik: “I don’t think that you could possibly argue that they don’t have an unfair advantage.” (Billinger: “We do everything better.”)

For The Few

This part of the CBC is only of marginal interest to most Canadians.Too techie.But some of us find it fascinating.Executives from the CBC’s New Media team appear before the CRTC to ask for a tax on ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) to pay for the huge expense of transferring programs on to the internet. February 26Steven […]

The selling of International Sales

There will be some monster migraines at the CBC today. A story on the front page of The Globe follows up on the pre-Christmas sale of our international distribution rights and assets. The result is brutal. Steve Billinger says no Canadian distributors wanted the package. Robert Lantos said he would have taken it. Billinger says […]

Information wants to be free

No one loves free information more than I, but I have a bad track record. I linked to a funny video featuring a lip-synched Robert Rabinovitch, and the House of Commons ordered it taken down. I linked to a Dragon’s Den blogger and he was fired. I linked to an interview with Strombo and it […]

IM chat with Andrew Lundy

Ouimet: So how do I know this is the real Andrew Lundy and not some kids screwing around on the computer? Andrew Lundy: LOL.. hopefully the force of my overweening intellect will come through in the IM.And my employee number is 100001319 O: So how did you get started at the CBC and what do […]

.ca reboot?

I guess we should have known what to expect when Steve Billinger herded the nerds into the Glen Gould Studio armed with a microscopic PowerPoint presentation, aiming to fix CBC.ca once and for all. I just assumed he was going to de-Claude the place, but there could have been anything on that thing. Now the […]