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Jeffrey Dvorkin

“I’ve tried. Really I have. But I can’t get into the non-classical music that is played on either channel of CBC Radio. Some of it is my age – I admit that. But as a longtime radio guy, I know what works, even if I may not like it personally. But the cultural rebuffs of […]

Jeffrey Dvorkin

“Sources (digne de foi, as they say in Quebec) tell me that Trina and Peter found their board colleagues to be trying – deeply disinterested in and unfamiliar with public broadcasting values. It must have been a very frustrating tenure.” – Jeffrey Dvorkin, CBC Board to Get New Blood

Public broadcaster comes back for public healthcare

Jeffrey Dvorkin gets fed up with the US insurance companies and comes back to Canada. Just what Toronto needs, more consultants! All is forgiven, Jeffrey. Welcome back.

Jeff Dvorkin

“A functioning news organization needs to be clear about four things: What is the purpose of the organization? What is the work that must be done? What are the qualities of the people who work there? What is the value of the product? CBC is unable to answer those question while NPR is able to” – Jeff Dvorkin

Jeffrey Dvorkin

“But it was a depressing evening. All four panelists were well meaning, I’m sure. All avoided addressing the issue of ‘whither (sic) local TV news.’ Instead, to a person, they all denied there is a problem and happily engaged in a round of shameless self-promotion for their stations.” – Jeffrey Dvorkin listens to a panel […]

Jeffrey Dvorkin

Indeed, she informed me, reporters at the CBC are now known as “hitters” when they are assigned to provide those elements into the news programs. More and more reporters are expected to be “hitters” more than once a day. Fully-crafted and -edited reports for radio and television may soon be a thing of the past. […]

Jeffrey Dvorkin

Dave was one of those indefatigable, no BS radio types. He was always there when it was hard slogging and pushing to go on the air, when the lines that had been booked for weeks mysteriously failed to materialize and when phone lines from Islamabad lived up to the last syllable of that place. Somehow, […]

A media lynch mob in Toronto

Jeffrey Dvorkin has a bone to pick with Canadian crime reporting.

Jeffrey Dvorkin’s mission: impossible

From Now the Details: Like many media organizations, the CBC is overextended in terms of content. In short, it produces too much for too few people. Its flagship TV newscast runs third in the ratings and its news department has lost money and influence to other programming department. CBC says it has no choice; the […]

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