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Paul McGrath

It makes me wonder why making changes to a broadcast schedule evokes such an overwhelming reaction. I don’t mean to dismiss it, I simply think it’s puzzling, I don’t get it. It seems so disporportionate to what’s happened. Maybe you have an explanation? – Paul McGrath gives up on blogging altogether

Paul McGrath

“Listen, you write a blog. I write a blog. I’m not envious or jealous or your blog, in fact I don’t care about your blog, how about you not care about mine.” – Official CBC blogger Paul Mcgrath responds to criticism

Just do what Kathy Tomlinson says and nobody’ll get hurt

Just do what Kathy Tomlinson says and nobody’ll get hurt

In case you or your receptionist get any funny ideas, Kathy has a word of warning for you

Inside the CBC hacked 4 days ago, no one gives toss

Upgrade your damned WordPress, Inside the CBC

Adventures in anonymous blogging

CNN blogger fired for blogging. Anonymous patent lawyer blogger “unmasks” himself after a $15,000 bounty was put on his head.

The Tea Makers Link Farm

The solution to my link display woes turned out to be pretty simple. A new blog. The Tea Makers Link Farm. So, if you’re like the President and CEO of the CBC and you check this blog every day, there might be some nice links for you here. But if you’re the kind of discerning […]

The death and life of great CBC.ca blogs

So Jowi Taylor bowed out of the Radio 2 blog with a rambling, feisty post that once again failed to generate any kind of discussion. Not even a single “Goodbye.” I had great hopes for the Radio 2 blog. It was the site’s homepage. And Jowi Taylor did The Wire. Jowi built a guitar out […]

Bazay on blogging

I was going to write David Bazay an email today. You can imagine my surprise when I found out he was dead. I wrote him last week with a few questions about the legal and ethical ramifications of CBC employees blogging about the CBC. He answered me a few days later, and I was struck […]

No future

One of the disadvantages of being in the eye of the maelstrom was that I hardly had time to read my own blog, let alone others. So I took the time to go through every one on Tod’s list to see what was up. To my surprise, I discovered Curious Monkey was back. Back in […]

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