Monthly Archives: April 2006

As seen in the toilet

I was actually in a good mood before I saw that. Can’t we get some cheerful, peppy ads in here? What is it with the EAP? They’re depressing the hell out of me. If you haven’t gone postal yourself, the guy next to you is on the brink:

79 redundant people

79 people is a lot of redundant people in English TV. Is it too many people? Not enough people? The right people? The wrong people? Just how redundant are they, anyways? No idea. Nothing to do but wait for the bump bump bump and watch the new hires and uni grads get booted out to […]

Pay no attention to that woman behind the curtain

One of the rules I made for the Tea Makers was that I would never write about blogging or the Tea Makers itself. Seemed to me to be a bit too self-indulgent. I would assume that readers “got it” and I would get on with writing it. But Joe Mahoney interviewed me over at his […]

Layoff rumours

Please stop emailing them to me. Yes, I’ve heard all of them. You’d have to be deaf not to. The only reason there have been none is because there are people in offices turning the situation around at every angle, trying to figure a way out of the inevitable. Now, if you work with an […]

Go Fuchs yourself

Richard Stursberg is regularly vilified in the newspaper, in the hallways of the CBC, and in the government. They call him an oaf, a bully, and an idiot. They say he is directionless. Some say he will stop at nothing short of the destruction of the CBC. But when it comes right down to it, […]