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Billy Bob Thornton underestimated me

A re-visit, and closer look, at the misunderstanding that captured the civilized world’s attention. In this brief version, Jian Ghomeshi adds additional commentary, to help put it all in context. Context, is everything. from his remarks at Ryerson University: “We were ready to do a half an hour interview about his, quite frankly, mediocre music, […]

Patrice’s Mailbag v0.1

Like my grandma always say, “Partrice, ton inbox. c’est plein de fan-mail!” And was she ever right. Some real ‘gems’  (pard0n tha #punzz) have landed in my toujours uber.hyp3r.stuffd inBox. Kud0s to CBCer’s from coast to coast for the insites, insights and inside dizz-0pe. Here are just a c0uple ov recent x-missions! Sicko Toront-oid Pollutes […]

Dianne Buckner

“i regret to inform you that the term ‘flaming sphincter valve’ is used on Dragons’ Den tonight.” – Dianne Buckner via Twitter

The Utter Boredom and Bullshit of Jian Ghomeshi

The idea existed before he was born. The principle is at the core of most of the shows on both radio and television. Every aspiring journalist and broadcaster knows it instinctively, intuitively. Almost half of what we’re exposed to is the exact same routine. Interview someone famous and you’ll be famous. And it’s all that […]

He Tried His Best

Conversion Rate

Will the CBC follow the BBC lead to replace camera people with chimps?

In a bold move the BBC has used primates to shoot an upcoming documentary Unknown at this point whether the CBC will look at this option to increase efficiencies. Reporters may like the idea as the Cameramonkey dresses better and has superior hygenie habits to the current crop of CBC camera people. According to Sir […]

Test Your Composure

Brandon Firla, Actor, “Little Mosque on the Prairie” It’s the greatest show produced by the CBC. Hokey, and yet so human, with miles of smiles. A public broadcaster enjoying, for once, being in the company of the public. Everyone who has ever participated in these “Test The Nation” shows will tell you that this is […]

Do You Think George Did Laundry On Saturday ?

Photo 1) Hosting the Haiti Telethon event – Friday 22nd. Photo 2) Hosting the Test the Nation event – Sunday 24th. Same exact outfit.  Do you think George did the laundry on Saturday ? I mean, c’mon you spend a whole Friday night in the suit under hot studio lights, running around and then you go and wear the same […]

Jeffrey Dvorkin

“Sources (digne de foi, as they say in Quebec) tell me that Trina and Peter found their board colleagues to be trying – deeply disinterested in and unfamiliar with public broadcasting values. It must have been a very frustrating tenure.” – Jeffrey Dvorkin, CBC Board to Get New Blood

Go to Haiti, Mike

Coming to a Theatre Near you…The Understudy

He stood in the shadows. He was ready to do the job. But someone stood in his way. To get the job, George has got to go. Jian Ghomeshi is … The Understudy.

Paul Quarrington wasn’t cool enough for The Hour

LAST DAYS – photo Tyler Anderson/National Post Few us will ever be as loved and admired as he was, and is, forever

Not Connecting with Kelly

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