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Dragons to become Sharks

Kevin O’Leary and Robert Herjavec have been discovered by Mark Burnett.

CBC Radio Drama effectively nuked

So says Matt Watts, though the culture of respect in the workplace leads him to note “I could get my hand slapped for writing this.”


The only programming immune to time-shifting? Sports. So let’s keep hockey, I guess – just don’t tape-delay anything “live.”

Stursberg: The Sweet Spot

Mr. Stursberg explains the “sweet spot” of radio audience demographics desired by the CBC.Regrettably, we didn’t get a full recording of his appearance on the Ontario Today show this afternoon.But this CLIP is likely quite representative. Perhaps it’s time The Tea Makers interviewed him.

Still open for business

Theo Moudakis, Toronto Star It’s a bit strange to read headlines and phrases that talk about “losing” or “saving” the CBC.We are nowhere near losing the CBC.All that seems to have happened is that the talk of a 5% cutback of services has given a bit more fuel to the many who are calling for […]

Where would The Barenaked Ladies be without the CBC?

It’s a common conceit amongst media bigwigs that they can make or break artists. That their valuable publicity machine and coveted approval must be sought at all costs “if you hope to make it in this biz”. That without CBC’s Radio 2 on the air promoting tomorrow’s emerging musical artists we wouldn’t get the next […]

just in Juno

… and CBC radio mainstay Molly Johnson took the vocal jazz album of the year for Lucky. The other vocalists weren’t good enough to have their own radio show. Few are. In fact, none.

The Canadian Multi-Platform Media Content Provider Corporation

The CBC no longer sees itself as just a broadcaster.Even The Broadcast Act of 1991 is so … 1991.It states that the mandate of the CBC is to be “the national public broadcaster .. (to) provide radio and television services … in English and French”. It doesn’t say anything about the internet.For all intents and […]

Mother of the year. Agent of the year. Cancellation of the year

Sophie mercifully shitcanned. Standard bullshit from Keay.

Worth a try

Yes, it’s a petition.

not into spooging over the CBC

Yet eric still survives.

Not their kind of people

We’ve already been excommunicated by CBC publicists and their hired guns. Now people aren’t even telling us about fangirl screenings. Fatboy got to go, though.

What’s it all about, Alphonse?

That’s kind of the thing isn’t it, Bill?What is the CBC for?A repeater station of American shows?What is the point of the CBC?To make a profit? Bill Brioux writes the best TV column in Canada. Feel free to offer up the name of anyone better or equal.It’s always a great read, partly for the hard […]

Where’s the light in this tunnel?

Is this a good time to be selling real estate?Maybe the federal government would like to buy some CBC properties at “competitive” prices.Or not. But the curious thing is that while the CBC set itself a target of cutting costs by $171 million, the recession continues like an unstoppable glacier.In October of last year, the […]