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Dollar store

“CTV recently offered its station in Brandon to public broadcaster CBC for $1. The CBC declined,” “citing they cannot afford the long-term operating obligations and paying for the government-ordered transition to digital.”

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Survey Fun!

Participaction.It’s easy, open, and the results are instantaneous.People basically want the CBC to be a sports channel.But some questions and results are interesting.

Man tries to give speech about CBC, turns into babbling idiot

Hey man, The Velvet Underground sold TONS of records!

Raging Rae

“(The Conservative government is) taking advantage of the crisis to show their prejudice and their partisanship. Why is the government taking away the voice of all Canadians?” Speak for yourself, Bob.

Patrick Watson. The, Patrick Watson.

Patrick Watson’s is not the most important voice when it comes to discussing the CBC.Yours is also important.But for more than five decades he was one of the most talented, intelligent and principled people in the building.And never afraid to think outside the box. February 28, 2009 in The Globe At a billion dollars a […]

a friend in Folco

Become Vital or Die

Robert Paterson owns a thinking cap that actually works.It provided him with one of the most thoughtful blog pieces about the CBC. We might offer instead – become relevant and responsive or become an also-ran like Radio 2.

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And don’t miss a great post by someone for whom The Clash still … eh … resonates?

CMG doing its part

Government commercials on CBC? A $100 million’s worth?Someone’s thinking creatively at the Guild.And reminds Hubert of promise “that the union and employees would be consulted before major changes are made.”

Government ‘profoundly shortsighted’

At least one paper supports a finance plan for the CBC.

‘National Post’ crew staking out CBC building

Wait, sorry, no – got that backwards.

Survey Says

Dozens of people took part in Victor Wong’s poll on what CBC services should be cut.The results amount to anything with the word CBC in it.But he promises even more fun soon.

‘Would you like your pink slip now or later?’

Don Cherry interviewed by Ryan Kennedy in the February 9 Hockey News (not onliné): Is there anybody who could replace you? No…. I think if MacLean quit, I’d quit, too. We’ve been together too long and to do [it] with another guy, it wouldn’t be the same. But he’s got a five-year contract; I’ve got […]

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