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A love letter from George

Strombo wolf hat

Finally, it arrived.  Although, I think it was just bulk mail he sent to every admirer.  Somehow, his light heartedness seems fake and forced.  Here is the love letter. George drops such literary gems as “fer real”, “doper” and signing off with “Piece”.  He really knows the way to my heart. If I may… From […]

Matt the Haaple

Matt the Haaple referring to notorious FaceBook squatter Tod Maffin in You’ve been Strombo’ed! which has itself been Strombo’ed at the original author’s request.

Why George Not Only Defriended Me, But Blocked Me On Facebook

A few days ago I sent George an email with criticisms and suggestions to help improve the show.   I didn’t mean for anything to sound too harsh but dammit, it had to be said ! You would think that after 15 years of broadcasting experience he would be able to handle it better.  Nope !  In a […]

Recruiting the Facebook Generation via Tweethole

Recruiting the Facebook Generation via Tweethole

What can we learn from the denizens of the tweethole about how to do this thing?

Hey CBC employee. Don’t cancel jPod.

CBCers browsing Facebook strictly on their own personal time yesterday may have been surprised when confronted with this advertisement narrowcasted directly to them. Brought to you by savejpod.ca. No word on whether the target demographic for the ad, Richard Stursberg, has a Facebook account, and if so, how many people he has “poked.” Thanks, iNudes.