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West coast “journalism teacher” succumbs to Strombomania

Emily Laing

From Susan Gittins’ Flickr stream.

George is Tucked, Taped and Fabulous in Vancouver

George is Tucked, Taped and Fabulous in Vancouver

Last night just wasn’t my night.  I must have said something that ticked George off.  Perhaps it was when I enquired what his publicist does exactly.  I merely mentioned there was a particular fan that seemed to be doing much more for George then his publicist is; and that George doesn’t even give her a thank you […]

Reach For The Pot

Marc Emery is nominated for CBC B.C.’s Top Newsmaker of the Year after the CBC received “a significant number of suggestions”. “I think (as a former reporter-newscaster) that this nomination by the CBC … if Marc is mentioned, is a good thing. This only serves to bring more attention to Marcs’ and our cause. Marc […]

Careful, he’s got captions

Jonathon Harvey attends Open House at CBC Vancouver. Pretends to be curious about broadcasting but seems far more interested in the many attractive women who work there and treat the public so politely.

Trippin with Hubert

Ladies and Gentlemen, It’s always a pleasure to come out to beautiful Vancouver. I’m a drug user and, amongst all of the great things your city has to offer, I must tell you that you have one of the best cities in the country in which to get high. But I did not come to […]

24-minute tour of Johnny Michel’s blue shirt & tie

24-minute tour of Johnny Michel’s blue shirt & tie

Tod Maffin tours CBC Vancouver

Where do brain farts go on Planet Pratt?

Where do brain farts go on Planet Pratt?

A radio station that has no sales department? How is this a radio station?

Oh Pumpkins

As I read the latest posts on “Inside CBC” — I feel like an Aberdeen Angus that slipped out the back door of the slaughterhouse when no one was looking. I am free, ambling through green pastures, my mind is beginning to clear and I realize how close I came to being turned into hamburger. […]

Memories of JPod

Alternative Girlfriend sends a link to a great video about the cancellation of JPod. And spills her guts in a lengthy lament.Someone help this girl.

CBC 911

In the middle of an alarmist exposé on petty property crime, CBC Vancouver is the victim of a break in. A laptop, coffee money and “personal items” were stolen. Apparently, the patio door was left unlocked.

Guest blogger: Inside MyCBC Vancouver

Sent to me by an anonymous reader.Enjoy.~O I agree there are still major problems with CBC Television. Falling ad revenue is the biggest challenge. But I’d like to talk a bit about Vancouver because the bosses are gushing all sorts of praise on the new Vancouver experiment. Like others I’m confused by the name of […]

Incubating my CBC

Today on channel 82 the new vision for CBC News was announced. They’re calling it My CBC. It’s a return to the regions, an end to Canada Now, a more integrated newsroom, with some Web 2.0 stuff thrown in. Now, change can be stressful but I was surprised by the hostility coming out of Vancouver […]

Sun sets on CBC Plaza

Vancouver CBCer Benoît Ferradini snaps this from the CBC Plaza in Vancouver, days before it’s demolished for redevelopment.So remember kids: Monday morning and for the next year it’s the servant’s entrance on Cambie Street, morning calisthenics and wake and bake sessions are postponed, earplugs, hardhats, and dust masks must be worn at all times, and […]

Guest blogger: CBC News in the regions

I didn’t write this.It was written by a CBC news producer who wishes to remain anonymous. Suffice to say that the person has extensive experience in the regions and continues to do fine work to this day. I thought it was well-written and contained plenty of good ideas worth considering.Enjoy.~O Over the last year Newsworld […]

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