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Hi, this is Hillary Clinton, and you’re listening to The Strombo Show on CBC Radio 2

Sending Strombo to interview Hillary Clinton is further indication that CBC News is  just plain dead. Why didn’t Mansbridge go? Or Rex Murphy, Mark Kelly or even Kevin O’Leary or the other celebrity fanboy, Ghomeshi? Why did The Hour go out of its way and travel from the studio to get this “interview”, as it […]

Howard Bernstein

“The Canadian news channels have to share a small band of Canadian reporters and a ludicrously tiny few international reporters with the main network they are attached to. If a story breaks anywhere outside of Canada they are ill prepared at best and hopelessly over matched as a rule. When Haiti broke did anyone tune […]

That’s an old Corp!

CBC is turning 75.


“I’m going to be leaving this blog for a long while.” – PoonGirl shitcans self

Privatization is plunder

Jesus said unto him, If thou wilt be perfect, go and sell that thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come and follow me. – Matthew 19:21 As useful parts of the Corporation are liquidated into oblivion and heirloom entities (which won’t be passed on to future […]

Web Wars: The Unfair Advantage of the CBC

The CBC is very pleased with itself. It airs commercials declaring that CBC.CA is the number one web site in the country. But like the Gemini Awards, there’s not much of a contest going on. When CTV or Global/CanWest/Shaw sets up a web site, they have to compete with other sites for advertising dollars. They […]

More of The Hour’s self-indulgent tripe

” … and why is he interrupting my segment? Would you do that to Tom Petty?” Thinking J.D. Roberts is sniffing around for a job at the CBC, retirement villa for ex-Much Music staffers. He’s gone as far as he can in the U.S., and Mansbridge won’t last forever. (come back later for video of […]

Toronto prefers Classical music to CBC Radio 2

SOURCE: BBM as posted at Hennesey & Bray Communications Of 21 radio stations in the Greater Toronto market, CBC Radio 2 is tied in 16th place. Yet the CBC will tell you they know what they’re doing. Using government funds to create radio programming that nobody wants.

Where are the Canadians?

In two episodes of six so far, no Canadian academics have been heard from in the CBC documentary Love, Hate & Propaganda.

No Tip

At a mile-a-minute, too much for Hulk Hogan’s opponent to give credit where it’s due. “The photo behind him for most of his piece is a shot I took in 1983. On the one hand it was great to hear that some of my work was hitting the media in some form, on the other […]

How the CBC finds the awesome

“I’m a very open person” says the awesome Melanie Gagnon THE NUGGET article with embedded video player.

NOTE TO STAFF – Management Changes at CBC News

It’s now been about five months since we launched our new programming under CBC News Renewal. First of all, I want to thank you all for your commitment and hard work as we continue to build our new programs, structures and processes. We’ve enjoyed some significant successes and despite the inevitable bumps along the road, […]

Jeffrey Dvorkin

“I’ve tried. Really I have. But I can’t get into the non-classical music that is played on either channel of CBC Radio. Some of it is my age – I admit that. But as a longtime radio guy, I know what works, even if I may not like it personally. But the cultural rebuffs of […]

CBC News managers get new job descriptions

As reported by (and to) CBC News: CBC News says it has made organizational changes meant to improve operations as part of an ongoing news renewal process. I mean really now, shouldn’t CBC News be reporting on something else besides this? Is the Canadian public dying to know that “Heaton Dyer, formerly senior director of […]

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