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It’s summertime. Even news about the CBC is a repeat

CBC eyes $125M real estate sell-off. And all news depts. will soon be better integrated.

war is a force that gives The Current meaning

It’s 8:30 AM.Time to get depressed. After a pleasant local morning show that makes my immediate environment seem vibrant, creative and manageable, makes me feel like I’m a citizen and a participant in the affairs and running of my own community, it’s time for … WORLD AFFAIRS.Gee, thanks CBC Radio One.North Korea wants to blow […]

Even worse than the Hockey Anthem Challenge

One of the privates – the Movie Network, brought to you by the people who traffic in illegal billboards – offers you a “DVD prize pack” or maybe a flight to “a secret location” in exchange for all the rights to your user-contributed content. Will Dolores Claman be entering?

One CMS opens, another platform closes

Interwoven gets improvements, while the de facto closure of Yahoo Maven forces the Corpse to find another video platform. Where’s Patrice Nortel to explain this all to us?


Yes, it pains to admit it, but “Q” is … yes, you want to grimace, you feel like you’ve lost a bet, you absolutely do not want to encourage them, but … “Q” is, apart from the “classics” like Happens and Ideas and Enright and Ms. Rogers … you pull your finger out of your […]

@fakepetermansbridge: the interview

The city blog that isn’t “the Torontoist” interviews Fake Peter Mansbridge. (Can “parody” really come from a place of “love”? Let’s ask Mary Walsh.)

Radio 2 blog shitcanned

To be replaced by nothing.

Evan Solomon Forever?

‘Only in this country of a largely unmotivated population could a broadcaster get away with continually putting someone on the air that does not attract an audience. In fact, someone who actually repels an audience’

Not a publicly-subsidized commercial Hog

Voice of the Corporation Jeff Keay, a longtime friend of Tea Makers, toured the Rockies on a Harley.

Whom do you trust?

If you’re an anglo, it’s Strombo, of course – as long as he’s wielding a straight razor. But in the Other Solitude? The Radio-Canada to Reader’s Digest’s CBC, Sélection du Reader’s Digest, names Alexandre Despatie fifth out of 41 trustworthy Quebeckers. Sorry, Strombo: No razor required, especially since divers don’t do the full-body shave.

Be it resolved

Public funding subsidizes literature in Canada. CBC is Canada’s national public broadcaster. Public funding subsidizes the CBC. HENCE CBC should run more book reviews. Discuss. For extra credit, examine the prevailing myth that CBC.CA is actually a newspaper.

This just in: Tie Domi to figure-skate

Nobody else on the straight-guy axis of Battle of the Blades is of even remote interest. But they’re still the stars of the show, since their names have been announced while their figure-skatrix partners remain unconfirmed. Does CBC really think hockey dudes are the audience for this show?

Inside the CBC’s unintentionally revealing headline of the day

Somehow I don’t think “Happy Gilmore outdraws MMVAs” is quite the index of public-broadcasting supremacy the official blog of the CBC thinks it is. I’d be willing to re-up Layfield’s contract if it meant never, ever having to deal with this movie again.

Can you sink the honour of the CBC any lower, Mr. Stursberg?

Drabinsky’s “success” was complete and utter fakery, yet the the print scribes won’t denounce him. They easily forgive his swindling, of pocketbooks and minds, and call him talented. He even writes a book about himself, which despite his lame attempt at humility nevertheless reveals that anything he did that was worthwhile (rarely) was quite simply, […]

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