Monthly Archives: February 2006

Plus de négociations

Negotiations have already begun with the Syndicat des technicien(ne)s et artisan(e)s du réseau français de Radio-Canada (STARF) which has about 1300 members, and will start in April with the Association des réalisateurs de Radio-Canada (AR) which has about 350. So far, management has outlined its demands to STARF and describes negotiations as “upbeat” and “enthusiastic.” […]

Band envy

Been a lot of grumbling in the trenches since Job Evaluation took effect earlier this month. 9 years in the making, it classifies all CMG jobs into salary bands, among other things. It makes for interesting reading for nosy bastards, which is why a lot of people are nonplussed to see who is getting paid […]

A more congenial and effective workspace for our employees

Remember that weird memo that came out a few weeks ago, about how the “Real Estate Division is currently exploring the possibility of bringing new tenants into the Toronto Broadcasting Centre?” Yesterday the CBC went to Toronto City Hall to apply for a change to the zoning bylaw (item #23), which would allow for 10,000 […]

Current obsessions

There’s no doubt there’s some kind of shakeup happening at English CBC-TV these days. To be frank, it needs it. The question is, what kind of shakeup is it? Lise Lareau said last week that the current president is obsessed with revenue generation, and she wishes he was “half as obsessed with programming.” I thought […]

Stealing Howard

Howard Stern’s show (with advertisements) quietly debuted on Sirius Canada on Monday, despite their assertion that “the Canadian government hates us.” And Valerie Smith, who helped get him off the Canadian airwaves the first time is now back at work. Soon after his first Sirius broadcast in the US, he was rebroadcast on Brooklyn and […]

Harold Redekopp’s white man’s burden

A week after the Canadian government fell last year, I had to explain it all to a friend of mine, a recent convention refugee. She was incredulous. No tanks? No troops? No tear gas? Nope, nope, nope, and the guy who was ousted was laughing all the way down. Whether you think its shameful that […]

How did the CBC pay for its stake in Sirius?

Guy Dixon writes in today’s GaM: Many undoubtedly wonder what the CBC is doing investing in a private company, regardless of Stern, and how it can even afford to do so? The CBC’s share in the investment is said to have come, according to an insider familiar with the details, not from the budget of […]

"They should not be fired"

Rick Mercer is really on a roll lately. If you’ve given up on him, you might want to tune in again and reconsider. This clip is from his show this week. I’m not sure how much the public loves CBC-related humour, but as an employee, I found this hilarious. RMR clip provided by #digitaldistractions (torrent […]