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A tale of 2 CBC’s

The juxtaposition of 2 articles in the Globe today will tell you way more about the CBC than the articles themselves: The CBC is cash-strapped The CBC has a cash surplus I’ve always found the end-of-fiscal spending spree odious, and this year’s particularly so, what with the lockout money that is not lockout money. And […]

New look for

Not sure when this started, but it begins with the weather page. Looks like more room was made for ads, the colour of the words lightened, and the links camouflaged. Over the next few months, the whole site will look like this. Say good-bye to Mr. Blocky Blue, and hello to Ms. Curvy Red.

Quietly Typing

Me and Frank magazine at the newsstand again. This time, keystroke counting at the CBC made the cover. Inside was basically what I wrote. Suspiciously so. But since I wrote that I’ve called an expert or two. They say keycounting is just not happening. Which means that CBC management is trying to spook their employees, […]

Tower of babble

Last night, as is my habit, I settled into a nice bubble bath with a highball and Playback magazine. I was particularly interested in this issue because it had a “wide-ranging” interview with Kirstine Layfield, the new Slawko. She says the oft-sluggish CBC executives will be expected to greenlight projects faster and will be more […]

Hard truths at the Empire Club

Mr. Rabinovitch gave a speech on Thursday at the Empire Club. Internally, we were sent a memo telling us he would be speaking. Then we were sent a memo telling us he had spoken, and that we should read his words. He gives a lot of speeches, but the fact that we were emailed so […]


Leafing through Frank magazine on the newsstand the other day, I was taken aback to see a CBC memo contained therein. It was faithfully reprinted in its entirety, no commentary or explanation given, no words changed and no jibes taken. It was presented as-is, as “gossip.” As far as I know, most employees delete these […]

Type or die

A lot of jibberjabber today about a memo the CMG sent to its members, claiming some managers are measuring the number of keystrokes their employees are making, as a way of telling if they are working. (Note to slackers: we’re talking the pure volume of keystrokes here, so if you are goofing off be sure […]

Fake Liberal Leadership Kit

I have to hand it to the Rick Mercer Report. Their eBay auction for a Liberal Leadership Kit is not only generating free buzz, it’s also generating revenue – currently Cdn $24,100 and growing. They may be on to something here. I also have to hand it to this quick-witted copycat, riding on the RMR […]

Does run itself?

Have you ever taken a good look at the organizational structure of CBC Senior Management? Probably not. There are actually 2 levels to it: the President and everyone else. But the artist, in her wisdom, has drawn some Vice-Presidents more equal than others: the VP’s directly in charge of broadcast media, as well as George […]

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